Treatment of breast cysts

October 1, 2015


If a woman has found a cyst, breast cancer, she should undergo a thorough examination on the hormonal status, examined by a gynecologist, and in any case not to self-medicate.

Is it possible to massage the breast?

The breast tissue is very delicate and produce an intense massage the breast to squeeze out the liquid through the nipple -nelzya, it is very dangerous, the mammary gland is once again not to touch, not that intense massage. This is done in any case impossible. Try not to hurt the breast underwear with bones, try to prevent her bruises as you can take care of the skin on the chest, with age, you can lubricate it with olive oil, so she will be more supple and not as dry. It is quite another thing, if a woman has given birth and breast filled with milk 2-3 days after birth, is an exception when the massing just need to avoid stagnation and mastitis.

The cyst may dissolve itself, it is not necessary to treat it?

Self resorption cysts – this is an extremely rare phenomenon, so you should not run the process and treat small cysts conservative manner, and at 1.5 cm – s shows cysts puncture with the fence contents, and then injected into the cavity of ozone or air to smooth wall . This procedure will help to establish the diagnosis, and prevent relapse.

What is conservative or national treatment of breast cysts can be done?

Only a doctor can prescribe treatment of breast cysts after careful diagnosis or after surgery – a variety of dietary supplements, homeopathic remedies, herbal medicine, herbal:

  • Especially popular drugs, with extracts from seaweed containing iodine compounds, as well as dietary supplements with an extract of broccoli, cauliflower.
  • There are many different collections of herbs, which are specially selected so that have a positive effect on the liver, and metabolic processes, and increase resistance to stress.
  • With regard to compress at the beginning of the inflammatory process, the best decongestants, anti-inflammatory and absorbing a cabbage leaf and alcohol compresses. Again – this is used only after a diagnosis and prescription.

No self-medication for breast cysts produce can not

Why? Any herbal therapy or compresses inadmissible without specifying a doctor who has to observe the dynamics of the state of the cysts in women. Self-treatment is unacceptable, since without the establishment of an accurate diagnosis, to establish whether there is any education, determining what they character – benign or malignant, can not experiment with your health.

Cancer tensions in recent years has increased significantly, and the fact that today a benign, tomorrow can turn cancer process. Self-medication can speed up the process and lead to very sad.

If the cyst begins to grow, under ultrasound treatment of breast cysts is carried out by means of drainage – fine-needle puncture, and the capsule made a puncture and aspiration of contents followed by a cavity in the air or ozone. This method is used only in the single-chamber cysts without malignancy or intraductal papillomas available. After such a treatment would require an annual or semi-annual monitoring of mammalogy for the early detection of recurrence. If, during the procedure, the content has been completely removed, and histology revealed no cells susceptible to growth, and according to US liquid is not found, then 80% of the wall of the cyst will shrink and will not relapse. However, in the case of fluid retention, its accumulation and continue the procedure is repeated.

Some clinics after collection liquid injected into the cyst cavity is not ozone and ethanol, it is not a safe method, since it often leads to tissue necrosis. And if you have to this aspiration, an interest that is introduced into the cavity after aspiration, even the introduction of air is better than alcohol.

Simple cysts in most cases do not require surgery, but if there is a proliferation of parietal, the puncture is needed to eliminate the cancer. If detected benign tumors, cysts and the tumor removed for 30 minutes under local anesthesia vacuum biopsy. But if it is a malignant neoplasm, it’s a different situation and a woman is sent to treat cancer.

in cases where multiple cysts dehydration, with the introduction of ozone fails, it continues to recur, and malignant cells is not detected, but in this case the cysts were removed in the same way described above.

How safe are these operations?

  • If a woman is worried that she may be left without a breast, do not worry – even very large cysts are amenable to any treatment without removing the breast.
  • Any doctor will seek to maintain the beauty of the breast, so the cuts and any consequences of surgery are not visible.
  • According to statistics, from 1 to 4% of cases within the cyst is still developing malignancies. Therefore it is necessary to be surveyed in a timely manner to carry out the prescribed treatment, and to trust your doctor.
  • The scar remains after sector resection for life, but if a woman wants to have a baby, then truncate the tissues can affect lactation, as some channels will be destroyed, which can lead to stagnation of milk. Therefore, if a woman is young and plans to give birth, it is best to exclude intervention glands.

Is it possible to sunbathe or relax in the sauna with a cyst of the breast or after the treatment?

The fact that the sun in our time is very harmful is spoken everywhere, and often a lot. Especially going to the solarium is not recommended, especially topless sunbathing, as well as in the sun for 11 to 16 hours. The same applies to the baths and saunas. Any overheating can cause cyst and cancer process not only in the mammary glands.

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