Dental cyst home remedy. 3 best ways you can apply at home

September 13, 2015

Before we talk about dental cyst home remedy, it is worth remembering once again that such methods should be used only after consultation with a doctor. Otherwise, some ingredients in the composition may provoke an allergic reaction. Sometimes they can even aggravate the situation.

And, although folk remedies is not able to fully cure, they can always be used in the presence of the disease to relieve pain and other symptoms. Most dental cyst home remedy helps to cope with:

  • pain;
  • inflammation in the tissues (able to eliminate them locally, and sometimes completely);

In addition, these dental cyst home remedy recipes are excellent disease prevention. So they can be used in the absence of the disease to stay healthy in future.

Medicinal herb

medical herbs for dental cyst home remedy recipes

Many plants have healing properties that will help fight diseases. Including they are used in the folk recipes for a dental cyst treatment to effectively cope with inflammation. As those that are cause of the cysts, and those that are the consequence of their occurrence.

The main method of using these useful herbs properties is the preparation of infusions for rinsing the oral cavity.

The most effective dental cyst home remedy recipes are with the following herbs:

  • sage;
  • thyme;
  • yarrow;
  • chamomile;
  • horsetail’s;
  • calendulas;
  • eucalyptus;
  • medicinal hyssop.

Such infusions for the cysts treatment at home are prepared quickly and simply.

Rules of preparation the herbal infusions

medical herbs for dental cyst home remedy recipes

There are rules for all the plants:

To prepare the dental cyst home remedy using the herbs, two full tablespoons of the plants or a mixture are poured with a glass of boiling water.

Then the vessel is tightly closed, additionally wrapped with a towel or cloth. In this form it is left to infuse for several hours.

Infusion is considered ready after it has completely cooled.

After several days of rinsing 4-6 times a day, the pain is almost not felt, and the inflammation of the soft tissues is significantly reduced.

Alcohol for dental cyst home remedy

Alcohol is one of the most common antiseptics in medicine. Both professional and folk. It is used not only as an independent dental cyst home remedy, but also for preparation of the infusions.

Rinsing the oral cavity

The easiest way to use alcohol as dental cyst home remedy is to rinse mouth with vodka (or diluted medical alcohol).

This help to reduce pain and destroy infections and bacteria. It is preferably to rinse mouth several times a day.

dental cyst home remedy recipes for rinsing oral cavity

Alcohol infusions

Alcohol infusion as dental cyst home remedy works differently from previous ones. The excellent antiseptic properties of alcohol are enhanced by the healing, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory effect of additional ingredients.

In this case, the properties of the herbs also appear more clearly than without alcohol. Because alcohol acts as a catalyst. The most effective alcohol dental cyst home remedy infusions is the one made of ficus and horseradish root. The method of preparation is always the same, including for other plants.

The recipe

alcohol infusion recipe for dental cyst home remedy

It is necessary to finely cut the plants. And it is desirable to use fresh, not dried herbs.

Then you need to pour vodka. You can use medical alcohol diluted with water in a ratio half and half. The proportions are as in the case of non-alcoholic tinctures, which are 2 tablespoons of the herbs per glass of vodka (diluted alcohol).

It is necessary to infuse such a mixture for three to five days, depending on the concentration of alcohol. Insist it in a dark cool place, well protected from children and well ventilated.

The resulting infusion can then be strained to prevent plant particles from entering the mouth.

The dental cyst home remedy recipe involves applying soaked in the in the infusion cotton wool to the affected inflamed area. You need to keep it for a few hours, then rinse the mouth thoroughly.

Another use of the alcohol infusion as one of the dental cysts folk remedies is to rinse the mouth. However, in this case it is necessary to reduce the alcohol concentration. To do this, the infusion is diluted with clean, slightly warm water.

Salt solution as dental cysts folk remedies

One of the oldest, and therefore time-tested, effective, and most importantly completely safe dental cyst home remedy is the salt rinsing.

Salt solution effectively removes inflammation of soft tissues, destroying most bacteria and preventing their further development.

The salt solution is mainly used for rinsing. All the basic principles of preparation and subsequent use do not differ from the previous dental cyst folk remedies.

salt solution recipe for dental cyst home remedy

Add one teaspoon of ordinary salt in a glass of water. It is important to use only clean or boiled water of room temperature.

For better dissolution, you can a little pour the salt with boiling water, and then just add cold water.

Rinsing should be carried out carefully, keeping the liquid in the mouth for a while, not swallowing. The number of procedures depends on how strong are the symptoms and their manifestation.

However, there are basic recommendations. The procedure is advised every 1.5 hours. This time interval between rinsing is optimal. With the modern pace of life, this is not always possible. Consequently, the frequency of rinsing can be reduced.

Instead of ordinary table salt, you can use sea salt to prepare the solution. In many cases this significantly boosts effectiveness and accelerate regeneration. Because sea salt contains many minerals and trace elements that have a beneficial effect on the oral cavity.

Treatment of cysts at home is not basic!

It is wrong to consider dental cyst folk remedies as the main treatment. In any case, you need professional dental care in the clinic. Without it, it is impossible to completely fix this problem.

Folk remedies are used to improve the general condition of the patient, significantly relieve symptoms and accelerate recovery.

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