Treatment of ovarian cysts folk remedies. Prescriptions

April 24, 2015

Treatment of ovarian cysts folk remedies. Prescriptions

The bad ecological situation around the world helps to ensure that people’s health is getting worse and worse every year. Today, a large part of the fair sex suffers from various “female” disease, and one of the most common among them – this is an ovarian cyst. Since conventional medicine is not always able to effectively overcome such diseases, patients are forced to seek an alternative solution. Therefore, some women, for whatever reason prefer an ovarian cyst treatment of folk remedies to traditional medicine.


This approach can be effective only if it is able to dissolve the tumor alone. Be careful, this treatment will not save from organic cysts such as dermoid or endometriosis, in which case it should be treated exclusively with traditional medicine. Anyway, before resorting to such methods, it is necessary to consult with your personal gynecologist, because when used incorrectly, even herbs can bring harm to the body, and treatment of ovarian cysts folk remedies will result in even greater problems for your body.

Infusion celandine

To this recipe you will need 250 ml of water and simple celandine. Boil water, throw in 250 grams of celandine, let cool for 40 minutes, then strain. When the infusion is prepared, it is sufficient to dissolve one tablespoon in a glass of water and drink. Take three times a day for 10 days.

A decoction of walnut

Treatment of ovarian cysts folk remedies often occurs with the help of a decoction of walnut walls. 4 chopped partitions need to pour three cups of boiling water and keep on low heat for 20 minutes. Then strain the broth is required. Drink three times a day until complete recovery.

The infusion of acacia and mug

It is necessary to mix 2 tablespoons of fresh juice of burdock and the same amount of crushed flowers and leaves of acacia. Store in a dark, opaque container in 7 days. Then, take one large spoonful three times a day for a week.

Infusion of birch fungus

People’s treatment of ovarian cysts can also be performed with the help of the fungus – the plants, known as birch fungus. The ground chaga need to pour boiling water in a ratio of 1: 5 and leave for 24 hours. Take three times per day to 30 grams at a time to improve the condition of the organism.

The infusion Elecampane

The three-liter jar pour boiling water 30 grams of the root Elecampane and 1 large spoonful of yeast. Then you cover and leave for 4 days. Take three times a day for half a cup for 30 days before eating.

The infusion of herbs

Pretty effective treatment of ovarian cysts traditional methods can also be performed using a mixture of several herbs. To do this, connect the following components in equal parts: clover, chamomile, mother and stepmother. Then pour boiling water the grass should be at the rate of half a liter of water to 30 grams of herbs. Infusion leave for 12 hours to accept as a simple tea.


Treatment of ovarian cysts folk remedies may not always be completely effective for complete deliverance from the disease, but in any case it is necessary to deal with them consciously and only with the permission of the doctor. Therefore, even if your condition has improved, it is still necessary to consult a gynecologist to reliably ensure that the danger had passed. It is also recommended in case of any symptoms by using infusions, stop taking people’s money, because they may not be for everyone or badly interact with other medicines, which will lead to undesirable consequences.

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