Endocervical cysts. Description

April 24, 2015

Endocervical cysts. Description

The cysts are extended endocervical gland mucosa that lines the surface of the uterine cervix. The lesions can be distributed along the entire cervical canal. The most common violation determined by ultrasound in the majority of patients giving birth. In rare cases, the pathology revealed in nulliparous women. The muscular wall of the body should have a uniform structure. Anaehogennye and hyperechoic inclusions relate to the version of the rules in parous patients. Endocervical cysts usually are hypoechoic formations.


On the cervix such formations are found quite often. Expansion glands occurs at healing ectopia (erosion). In this case, the background of overlapping ductless secret begins to accumulate. Disturbances do not usually pose a risk to the woman’s body. However, if the cyst becomes inflamed, you should immediately seek help. As a rule, education, even taking up most of the uterus, are harmless. Moreover, they do not affect the ability to have children and the course of the pregnancy. Among the reasons for which there are cysts endocervical experts called obesity, cervicitis, transferred the woman earlier.


The most popular method is an ultrasound study. One of the highly informative diagnostic methods is considered to be extended colposcopy. This study was carried out using a special microscope. The device allows you to explore the uterine cervix, to identify possible changes. This kind of study allows you to put a sufficiently accurate diagnosis. Another method is to smear on onkotsitologiyu. This study is best carried out at the beginning of the second half cycle. Pap test helps to identify the early stages of pre-cancerous changes. This study is carried out using special inks and fixatives. In addition, your doctor may prescribe a smear on the identification of urogenital infections.

Endocervical cysts: treatment

Since in many cases the tumors are benign, then any special effects not required. If the cysts are located near the endocervical ekzotserviksa, their removal is carried out by means of radio waves. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. In this case, the removal of cysts, and then flows out secretion. Another method is laser removal of tumors. This method is used if the cyst is located near the endocervical vaginal segment. With deep location of tumors shows cryotherapy. This method is based on the effect of low temperatures using liquid nitrogen. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis after menstruation. Cryotherapy is contraindicated in the presence of inflammation. One or another treatment method is chosen doctor after the results of the diagnosis.

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