How does the cyst affects fertility

May 17, 2021

Given the cyst often strikes young women who are just planning to become a mother, the question of how it affects conceiving and pregnancy is very important.

Probably, I will be cunning, if I say that the ovarian cyst and the surgery to remove it in no way affects the ability to have children.

Almost any cyst in varying degrees, reduces follicular reserve (ovarian reserve) and the work of the ovary. Of course, much depends on the dimensions of education and duration of disease – more than a cyst, and the longer she is in the ovary, the worse.

The prognosis for pregnancy is largely determined by the type of cyst. The most insidious in this respect, endometrioid cyst. According to statistics, endometriosis is the cause of infertility in 25% of cases. As you can see, the figure is rather big.

Another negative factor is itself an operation to remove an ovarian cyst. The technique of the surgery, the used tools and materials greatly affect the final outcome and the long-awaited offensive of pregnancy. If during laparoscopy, the surgeon has one goal – to remove the cyst, and ignores the interests of the ovary, the result of such an operation can hardly be called good. On the one hand — like cysts have delivered. But on the other – the ovary caused to the already considerable damage.

Therefore, choosing a surgeon for your surgery should be paid great attention. It is actual not only for those who are planning a pregnancy, and all who care about their own future.