Causes of ovarian cysts

September 16, 2015


Once diagnosed with “ovarian cyst”, almost every woman wonders why her it happened.

It is Often difficult to answer. Too many factors can cause cysts on the ovary.

When ripe Apple and falls – why is it fall? Whether because that tends to the earth, because if that dries up the rod, because that is dried by the sun, becomes heavier, because the wind shakes it, the fact that the boy standing below wants to eat it? Nothing is the cause. All this is only the coincidence of conditions in which performed all the vital, organic, natural event“, – writes L. N. Tolstoy in “War and peace”.

These laws are universal. In life there is no one single explanation for events. But still will try to highlight some that are important for the occurrence of ovarian cysts.

For some kinds of cysts causes and origin are well known. About them you can read in the relevant sections, is devoted to the description of the cyst.

But there is one thing in common. Considering the causes of cysts it is necessary to look wider. Over the last decades a significant increase in the incidence not only of tumors of the ovary, but also pathology such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, endometrial hyperplasia, etc. And the reasons for this are the same. From what is related to the increase in the number of gynecological diseases?

Play hormone

One of the main reasons for the growth of ovarian cysts and other benign gynecological pathology is the influence of hormones. In the female body there are 2 main female sex hormones – estrogen and progestogen. They must balance each other. This is the key to success. The growth of tumors is directly linked to the dominance of estrogen over the progestins.

But how can one explain the increased incidence. Did before hormones were the others?

The Reason is hidden in the modern way of life. Genetically the female body is programmed that after the establishment of menstruation, first sexual intercourse she became pregnant, gave birth, then not less than 2 years breastfed the child. Then after the appearance of menstruation again was the pregnancy, and repeated the whole cycle of pregnancy-childbirth-lactation. During pregnancy and lactation in the body the level of progestogen is significantly increased, eliminating the prevalence of estrogen.

In today’s world everything is different. Woman gives birth most often one or two children, the lactation period is also often reduced. Increasingly, the woman decided to first pregnancy after thirty years. All this leads to the fact that the body is subject to ongoing, monthly attack of hormones. And if there is a tendency to growth of gynecological tumors, inevitably there is a formation of ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, endometrial hyperplasia, etc.


causes-of-ovarian-cysts-2And then we gradually came back to a very important cause of ovarian cyst (dubbed and other diseases) is a hereditary predisposition. After all, not all women who have one child have gynecological diseases. At the same time, not the rarity of such diseases in multiparae women women.

This is Due to a genetic predisposition. This is the fundamental principle, and everything else is only starting to implement this feature.

currently decoding the human genome are the best scientists in the world. Considerable success has been achieved in this difficult work. So, for example, has already identified a few genes, the presence of which the risk of developing ovarian cancer is greater than 95% (BRCA). I think all of you remember about a notorious affair with Angelina Jolie, which is just the same and similar genes have been identified.


Different set of genes produces different tendency to the formation of gynecological pathology. But their implementation still have to be aggressive factors of influence. In addition to the above hormonal influence, an important cause of ovarian cyst (and everything else) are inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs. Moreover draws attention to a distinctive feature of modern infections – hidden and invisible within. Increasingly dangerous pathogen detected by chance or after the discovery of their consequences (ovarian cyst, hydrosalpinx, infertility).

The risk factors for the wide spread of genital infections is earlier onset of sexual activity, frequent change of sexual partners, neglecting condom.

Something else…

Well, finishing the story about the causes of ovarian cysts, I want to remind these potential risk factors such as poor environment, stress, low immunity, poor quality of food. To assess their contribution to the development of gynecological pathology is difficult enough, but to ignore them does not.

And now, knowing about the causes of the formation of ovarian cysts (as well as other gynecological pathology), you can think over how to avoid this.

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