Reasons for lumps in breast – 10 factors put a patient in danger

October 1, 2015

Breast cysts and tumors can appear in any woman. Reasons for lumps in breast are different. That is why the disease is so common. Age and life style influence the cysts presence a lot. But there is the main thing causing the lumps – changes in hormonal balance of a women. Which, in its turn, provokes the other reasons.

1 – Each third of women with mastopathy has the cysts developed. The ailment is also hormonal dependent. Both progress and regress of mastopathy lead to hormonal changes.

2 – It is believed nulliparous women after 30 years are more exposured to the tumors and cysts.

3 – Excessive production of estrogen, when there is suppression of the production of other hormones, is the leader among reasons for lumps in breast. Dangerous hormonal changes can be the results of health problems, bad ecological situation or unhealthy lifestyle.

4 – Improper intake of the medicines also cause hormonal changes and is considerate to be among reasons for lumps in breast. Those are mainly hormonal drugs. Hormone replacement therapy, which is often prescribed for women in menopause, affects breast tissue. New tissues and cell growth are often noticed after women intake hormones. Therefore in case of hormone replacement therapy radiological monitoring and ultrasound should be carried out every six months to monitor the changes, which may not be visible.

Reasons for cyst in breast.

5 – Specialists’ attitude to oral contraceptives are controversial in this question. Some sources claim hormonal regulation disorder can be caused by hormonal contraceptive without a preliminary analysis of individual hormonal status in women. Other authors believe that hormonal contraceptives themselves do not have a significant influence on the formation of the cysts. However, their use for more than 5 years increases the risk of cancer and other processes in the mammary gland.

6 – According to many doctors, the primary reasons for lumps in breast are in psycho-emotional state of women. Emotional balance affects everything in a body. Its general condition, stability of hormones and metabolism are dependent on it. Stress causes hormonal imbalance. Quarrels, troubles and job changes, resentment, frustrating – and the next thing a woman knows is a lump in mammary glands. That is why doctors often prescribe sedatives for the women. Valerian or motherwort stabilise the emotional state and do not disturb the production of hormones.

7 – Metabolism and nutrition are other possible reasons for lumps in breast. They determine a woman’s weight. Even a 2-pound weight gain can affect breast, because the adipose tissue contains estrogen. And more adipose tissue means more estrogen. Besides, overeating and bad food quality along with metabolic disorders lead to hormonal balance failure.

8 – Other ailments are also aggravating factors for the development of a breast cyst. Inflammatory diseases of the uterus and of the uterine – endometritis and salpingitis – are common reasons for lumps in breast. So are thyroid, ovarian dysfunction, inflammation of the gallbladder. The lumps are among consequences of abortion, which is great hormonal stress to a body. It leads to the imbalance of all systems and organs in a woman’s body.

9 – Not less important risk factor is osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine.

10 – Many scientists believe that there is a connection between formation of the cysts and dysfunction of gallbladder and biliary tract.

Many people wonder are cysts in other organs maybe the cause for cyst in breast. The answer is no. No  association between kidneys, liver or ovarian cyst and breast lumps exists.

Many women once heared the diagnosis infer they will lose their breast. But in fact the tumors treatment usually doesn’t implies it. Surgical intervention is indicated if the cyst is large, gives serious concern and there is no other way.

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