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ECx (pilonidal sinuses), tailbone cyst, pilonidal sinus – all are names of the same disease. You are suffering from purulent discharge and pain in the coccyx? You find yourself ECx symptoms? Or you have already installed this diagnosis? Not so terrible, believe me. Soon you will part with this problem and forget it as a nightmare. Author website too ill tailbone cyst disease and knows inside and out. It collected nearly all the information that is required to patients tailbone cyst. The site, in addition to basic information about the disease, you will also find my story. If you want to share your experience, send your story treatment ECx me an email and she will appear on the site to share your stories. Good luck in the fight against this disease, and a speedy recovery.


Methods of surgery for a cyst of coccyx

For excision of ECX, there are several methods. However, none of them is perfect. Depending on the complexity of the disease, its stage, the primary and the secondary moves towards the buttock crease, the...


Therapies ECx (pilonidal sinuses)

In the Internet you can find many ways of treatment of cysts of the coccyx. You may be asked to take anti-inflammatory drugs, various wraps, depilatory creams and even try to take antibiotics. In...