Breast benign tumor types – 5 most common dangers

December 28, 2020

There are 5 breast benign tumor types that are most common. Moreover, statistical studies have shown that these diseases most often affect young women of childbearing age. So what causes the appearance of such formations? And whether any of the cysts is a serious health threat?

What is a cyst in breast

All breast benign tumor types appear rather often in women. Any of them can be suddenly revealed during a regular medical examination. Though they appear more or less at the same frequency, the tumors are not of the same danger.

The cysts usually form in place of the duct extension. Gradually the place starts to grow into a connective tissue capsule and accumulates fluid contents within it. Such tumor may be round, oval or have irregular shape. Sometimes women find one cyst, and sometimes several.

Moreover, the cavities surrounding the neoplasm may coalesce each other, forming a multi-chamber cyst. By the way, such units may have different sizes. Diameter of most breast benign tumor types does not exceed a few millimetres. On the other hand, some women found tumors up to five centimeters in diameter.

In fact, today many women face the diagnosis of a cyst.

Breast benign tumor types – 5 common ones

As mentioned earlier, breast benign tumor types can have different shapes and sizes. Modern medicine distinguish several varieties of such tumors depending on the reasons for their formation and anatomical features.

Breast benign tumor types - 6 most common dangers

  • Atypical cyst is formed due to the duct expansion. It gradually accumulates fluid. Atypical tumor in breast has a relatively stable fibrous capsule. Tissue growth directed toward the center of the cavity can be noticed on the inner wall .
  • Solitary cyst is a fairly large but benign tumor of rounded shape with flexible wall. The capsule becomes thicker with time. Quite often a cyst can be felt by patient themselves.
  • Fibroid breast benign tumor type increases the chances of developing cancer in future.
  • Pretty unpleasant diagnosis is a multi-chamber cyst. In most cases it is the result of unhealthy lifestyle and hormonal changes. This cyst consists of a plurality of chambers and tends to grow quite rapidly.
  • The most dangerous breast benign tumor type is a ductal cyst. The one is considered a full-fledged modern oncology precancerous condition. Fortunately, the tumor is diagnosed no more than 1% of cases.

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