Mammary cyst when pregnant – expected mom should know

December 21, 2020

Today, many women are interested in the question about whether mammary cyst when pregnant is a problem. The main issue is further breastfeeding. In fact, the existence of such tumors is not considered a contraindication for carrying a child. Moreover,  pregnancy promotes complete cure of the lump in some cases.

The cystic formations are often used by hormonal failures, increased estrogen level specifically. And it’s not a secret that during pregnancy women experience hormonal changes. Though it doesn’t mean there is a higher risk of a mammary cyst when pregnant. The amount of progesterone produced while carrying a baby increases dramatically, but the level of estrogen, on the contrary, decreases.

In medical practice, there are cases when the cyst resolves during breastfeeding and nursing. But it worths noting that this happens only with small tumors. Large ones usually don’t, and sometimes even increase.

In any case, a woman doesn’t need specific treatment of a mammary cyst when pregnant. An expected mother must undergo regular medical check-ups, as the doctor must be able to monitor developing of the cyst. As for treatment, it usually means healthy lifestyle. Only in case of intensive growth of the tumors a doctor may prescribe a procedure to puncture mammary cyst.

A pregnancy belly and cute boots. Mammary cyst when pregnant - expected mom should know.

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