Ovarian cyst. Pain in the right groin in females. Causes and Treatment

November 9, 2015

Ovarian cyst. Pain in the right groin in females. Causes and Treatment

The fairer sex more often than men face the pain in his groin. This is due to the fact that close to the reproductive organs. This article will tell you why there are pains in the right groin in females. You can find out the main causes of this condition. Also worth mentioning, in what way the treatment of the disease is carried out.

Pain in the groin on the right of women

Before you mention the underlying causes of such a state, it is to say that it is not an independent disease. Pain in the groin on the right of women always indicate a certain process. It can be pathological or functional. Self-diagnosis virtually impossible. However, a woman can fully appreciate the nature and intensity of discomfort. They can be pointed, sharp, pulling or sharp. Pain in the groin to the right of a woman can give to the abdomen, leg or lumbar.

The treatment is carried out only after consulting your doctor. In some cases, the correction is not needed at all. It is worth noting that you can not make their own painkillers. It may be somewhat dull main symptom and give an incorrect clinical picture. If you have any problems, especially when discomfort is increasing, it is necessary to contact physicians for help. Consider the main causes of pain in the groin on the right of women and find out methods for their treatment.

Out egg from the ovary

Pain in the right groin in women often occur during ovulation. When this process occurs in the ovary is located on the corresponding side. This symptom occurs approximately in the middle of the menstrual cycle. However, in some cases, it may be a question of an early or late ovulation.

In the first phase of the cycle the follicle grows and fills in volume. After reaching its peak, the formation is broken and out of it comes the female gamete. All this is accompanied by an increase and extension of the walls of the ovary. This process can cause pain in the groin on the right woman. Most often it is pulling or aching in nature. It is present for a few hours or days. After ovulation, it all goes sharply. The woman said that the pain is gone. Treatment in these cases, not available. Only sometimes the doctor may advise the patient to take antispasmodics. To those include drugs “Baralgin”, “Nurofen” “Paracetamol” and many others.


Pain in the groin area (right) in women may be due to the fact that soon will begin the next menstruation. Also sensations stored in the first days of bleeding. Such a condition doctors call algomenorrhea. The intensity of discomfort may be different. Some women complain of a minor discomfort. Others are the fairer sex have to do to stay in bed and take painkillers.

The treatment of this phenomenon is the preliminary finding causes pain. Often, it is a feature of the female body and passes only after the birth of their first child. Doctors recommend taking the medicine as needed, relieves spasms. These include a “No-spa”, “papaverine”, “Drotaverinum” and so on. It is also often prescribed progesterone correction, including medicines “Utrozhestan” and “Djufaston.”

Violations chair

Aching in the right groin in females may occur due to the violation of a chair. In this patient noted frequent urge to defecate or, conversely, their absence. Often such pathology is accompanied by additional symptoms: is nausea, vomiting, bloating, belching, loss of appetite or temperature.

The treatment in this case is often symptomatic. So, constipation prescribers “Duphalac”, “Gutasil”, “Fitomutsil”, “Senade” and others. If a woman complains of diarrhea, the doctors recommend taking “Imodium”, “Chloramphenicol” and to conduct an appropriate diet. In addition to symptomatic treatment, often prescribed course of a beneficial bacteria. They help establish digestion and prevent problems such as the violation of a chair. Examples of these drugs include “Linex”, “Baktisubtil”, “Atsipol” and others.

Adhesive process

Drawing pain in the right groin in women may be caused by the formation of adhesions. They often occur after surgery, at untimely treatment of inflammation and endometriosis. At the same time the neighboring organs are glued together, and between them are formed thin films. All this leads to a shift in intestinal loops, ovaries and fallopian tubes. Woman because such education is experiencing severe discomfort and pain.

adhesions in the pelvis in women can be cured in two ways: surgical or medical. The choice depends entirely on the severity of the disease and its causes. In the case of surgery preferred laparoscopy. The conservative therapy are selected such medicines as “Longidaza”, “Lidaza.” Complementing their physiotherapy.

Inflammation of the bladder

Cutting a sharp pain in the right groin in women may appear in the pathology of the urinary system. Often, when this suffering is right ureter. The thing that is so arranged excretory system. The right kidney in humans is slightly lower than the left. If bacteria are present the bladder and pathological microorganisms, the time begins cystitis. The illness manifests cutting pain when urinating, and discomfort in the right side of the groin.

The treatment in this case must always contain antibiotics. However, before the appointment of certain medicines is to analyze the sensitivity of the microorganisms. The most frequently selected drugs such as “Amoxicillin”, “Summamed”, “Flemoksin”, “Vilprafen” and so on. At the same time the patient appointed diuretics, such as “Furosemide”, “Veroshpiron” and others.

An ectopic pregnancy

Severe pain in the groin on the right of women to arise in the case of ectopic pregnancy occurred. This fertilized egg is often attached to the side where was ovulating. Right-sided ectopic pregnancy is also characterized by spotting from the genital tract, a small increase in human chorionic gonadotropin, a lack of the ovum in the uterus during ultrasound. It can occur for many reasons. To those include adhesions, inflammation, violation of tubal patency and so on.

The treatment in this case can only be surgical. The patient should be hospitalized as soon as possible and to conduct laparoscopic surgery. In some cases, you may need a laparotomy. Manipulation is performed under general anesthesia. The lower the gestational age, the greater the likelihood of a woman save the fallopian tube.

Ovarian cyst

Right Drawing pain in women may occur due to the appearance of tumors in the ovary. In most cases, these cysts are benign. There are functional and nonfunctional growths. The first type requires no intervention and often resolves on its own. Non-functional cysts can sometimes succumb to the hormonal correction, but the majority require surgery.

If the pathology is malignant in nature, undoubtedly performed surgery to remove the cyst. Sometimes amputation is needed in all of the ovary. Then the woman shows a course of radiation and chemotherapy.

Inflammation of the appendages

Drawing and cutting pain in the right groin area may be a sign of inflammation. In this disease process may affect the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus. Doctors call such state the following terms: adnexitis, metritis, salpingitis and endometritis.

The treatment in such cases should be initiated as early as possible. Otherwise, the woman may experience serious complications. In most cases, the correction is to use immunomodulators. To those include “Likopid”, “interferon”, “Isoprinosine” and others. In addition, antimicrobial therapy is assigned (“Terzhinan” “Naksodzhin” “metronidazole”). After treatment necessarily carried out to restore the vaginal flora.


Often, pain in the right groin arise from the herniation. It arises as a result of weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. Consequence is loss of bowel loops in the resulting fistula. Hernia should always be treated. Otherwise, a loop of the intestine is clamped and the blood stagnates in it. All this leads to serious complications. The most common abnormality is corrected with surgery. Today it is the most effective method. Many chiropractors offer their services on the reposition of a hernia. However, such treatment is not always successful.

Summary Article

Now you know the main causes of pain in the right side of the groin of a woman. Remember that in the event of symptoms is as soon as possible to see a specialist. You may need urgent treatment. Do not engage in self-diagnostics. Your diagnosis could be wrong. The consequence of this will be properly matched correction and associated complications. Use the services of doctors, treated properly and be healthy!

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