Ovarian cysts development cause terrible complications and problems

May 24, 2019

Ovarian cyst is a disease of many women. Most often these cysts are small formations associated with even small hormonal disorders. Often they quickly disappear themselves. But sometimes the cyst can reach large sizes and it can be removed only surgically. The larger the cyst, the higher the risk of complications associated with it. However, ovarian cyst complications can occur even in the case of small ones. So a woman shouldn’t take the risk and with the appearance of the first symptoms, she should consult the doctor.

Ruptured ovarian cysts

Often you can hear about ruptured ovarian cysts. Such ovarian cyst complications occur spontaneously or as a result of minor mechanical influence. If the tissue of the cysts is thin enough, the rapture may occur even during a pelvic examination.

Causes of ruptured ovarian cysts

The causes of raptured ovarian cyst can be divided into external and internal.


  • sexual intercourse;
  • intensive physical activity;
  • abdominal injury.


  • unstable hormonal background;
  • inflammation in the abdomen;
  • twisted cyst;
  • congenital pathology.

This ruptured ovarian cyst is usually accompanied by a very unpleasant sensations that is unable to ignore.

raptured ovarian cyst is among ovarian cyst complications

Symptoms of ruptured ovarian cysts

Symptoms of rupture of the ovarian cyst appear suddenly. These include:

  • severe, acute, unilateral abdominal or groin pain around the ovary,
  • significant deterioration of health
  • elevated body temperature
  • nausea and vomiting

If as a result of the ruptured ovarian cyst the contents of the abdominal cavity spilled and irritation of the peritoneum occurred, then there is the inflammation – the stomach becomes dense. As a result, painful sensations become even stronger, the stomach swells, and intestinal peristalsis stops. At the same time, blood pressure will drop, which affects the general condition. Rupture of the cyst certainly does not threaten life with timely treatment, but such situations are dangerous for women who have
blood clottingdisorder.

The ruptured ovarian cyst requires urgent surgical intervention. In such a situation, you should visit the doctor as soon as possible.

The treatment procedure is usually laparoscopy. It involves removal of the ruptured cysts and lavage of the abdominal cavity to prevent peritonitis.

Twisted cyst

ецуыеув ovarian cyst complications

It is among the worst ovarian cyst complications. It may also be accompanied by a rupture of the ovarian cyst. Twisting leads to difficulty in blood flow in the ovary and in the absence of immediate intervention, it even leads to the necrosis.

Symptoms of twisted ovarian cysts are almost the same as in case of other problems with the cysts, and there are no special signs that allow it to be identified. These include unilateral stabbing pain in the ovary, which increases over time. It can be present both in the groin and spread to the back. Often there are also symptoms, such as general malaise or even fainting. In the case of a twisted ovarian cyst, immediate surgical treatment is necessary. Any delay can cause ovarian necrosis, leading to infertility.

Ovarian cyst complications associated with pregnancy

Can the cyst prevent pregnancy? Unfortunately, yes. This mainly applies to women diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. This disease occurs in 5-10 percent of women cases. In the ovaries at this time, a large number of small cysts are formed. A similar problem occurs in women with endometriosis.

During regular pregnancy tests, gynecologists often detect the presence of cysts in patients. However, this should not always be a reason for panic. Cysts do not affect the course of pregnancy, but the expectant mother should be under constant medical supervision.

But in case of large formations, cysts can put pressure on the uterus and interfere with the development of the fetus in its cavity, which will eventually lead to a miscarriage. Ovarian cyst inevitably, growing, destroys the ovary. In advanced cases, the only treatment is the removal of one or both of the gonads, which significantly reduces the possibility of getting pregnant or even makes it impossible.

ovarian cyst complications


Contrary to popular belief, surgery to diagnose the cysts is not always necessary. In addition to the case with big cyst size, surgery is necessary when there is a high probability that the cyst will soon rupture or if long-term pharmacological treatment has not brought any results. Laparoscopic procedures are very common in our time.

In many cases, doctors recommend hormonal therapy to patients, during which contraceptive drugs are taken.

When a malignant tumor is diagnosed, cancer treatment should be started as soon as possible. Ovarian cancer most often affects postmenopausal women. However, the disease also affects women at a younger age, so they should also pay more attention for their health.

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