What can cause groin pain in female and whether it is dangerous

May 26, 2019

The groin is located between the abdominal cavity and the anteromedial surface of the thigh. In the groin area there are many important organs, muscles and ligaments, nerves or lymph nodes. Groin pain can indicates some serious diseases, so this symptom should not be ignored.

To find out the cause of the groin pain, you need to determine its nature and learn about the diseases that are accompanied by such pain. It is necessary to pay attention to the nature of pain, the circumstances of its occurrence and the direction in which it spreads. Thus, the pain may increase after intense movements, may be acute or pulsating. The patient may feel the pain in the right groin or in the left groin. Sometimes it is described by patients as a sharp prick in the groin or pain referred in the thigh or knee.

Possible causes of left or right groin pain

groin pain abdominal reasons

Sometimes the cause of pain in the groin can be, for example, problems with the organs in the abdominal cavity. One of the possible diseases that can cause severe pain in the groin area is kidney stones. Acute renal colic also affects the groin area – its left part – with pain, as well as the lumbar, spine and lower abdomen. In case of renal colic, the development and severity of the pain is so great that the patients usually immediately go to the doctor.

Vety often the complaints about the pain are caused by the problems with the reproductive organs. The cause of the groin pain in female can be inflammation of the ovaries or fallopian tubes.

Pain in the right groin

Pain in the right groin can be caused by acute inflammation in the colon, in the area from the cecum to the ascending colon.

Acute appendicitis with periapical abscess also causes discomfort in the right part of the groin. In this case, the patient often also says about the problems with the stools and gases. A medical examination shows a seal over the groin. In the case of acute appendicitis, fever may also occur.

Among the causes of the right groin pain in a female is the appearance or rupture of ovarian cysts. A more common cause is rupture of the fallopian tube in case of ectopic pregnancy, which usually causes severe pain and bleeding.

ovarian cyst can cause groin pain

Groin pain during pregnancy

One of the causes of pain in the groin during pregnancy may be hormonal changes at this time. Increased secretion of hormones, including progesterone, prepares the woman’s body for childbirth and gives the child the appropriate conditions for development.

Pain in the groin during pregnancy can be caused by water retention in the body; sensitivity of certain parts of the body, including the groin and thigh area, relaxation of the muscles and ligaments of the reproductive system. The uterus expands, as the future child develops and grows. Such changes occur quite quickly, especially at the turn of the second and third trimesters. So it can also cause pain in the groin.

groin pain during pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy is another possible cause of the groin pain. Additional pounds that appear during pregnancy, and the growing weight of the child increase the pressure on the pelvis and joints. Therefore, there may be pain in the groin.

At the end of pregnancy in the groin area, painful sensations may occur, which are usually associated with the approaching date of delivery. This is because the child begins to “sink” to take the necessary position, which will make it easier to pass through the birth canal.

Pregnancy is a time of special care and attention to mother’s and child’s health. Therefore, pain in the groin, especially sudden and intense, should not be ignored. If it occurs, it is necessary to consult the doctor immediately.

When should I go to the doctor?

It should be remembered that in fact, every disease, including associated with the abdominal cavity and spine, can manifest with pain in the groin. If in these areas there is discomfort and pain that does not undergo, it is urgent to consult the specialist. Sometimes the causes of the groin pain can be really dangerous.

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