Symptoms tailbone cyst

September 25, 2015


Diagnosis ECX does not require much time and special techniques of research. However, even if you are sure that you definitely symptoms of cysts of the coccyx, it is better to consult a doctor who will diagnose.

Typically, patients complain of the following:

  • Pain aching and jerking of character
  • Pain in sitting and lying on your back
  • Pain when you swing

In Addition to these, should pay attention to the following symptoms ECX:

  • In the region of the buttock crease is formed a lump or tumor. It can be either above the tailbone and below it. But in any case above the anal passage.
  • primary Observed the hole in the buttock crease or a little higher. From the hole can pus infiltration or colorless.
  • experience secondary holes. They are formed during the inflammation. Of them can be the highlight (active), or they will be passive, zarubezhnye – no highlighting. The secondary openings are in several centimeters from the primary.

The infection through the primary move is fraught with the development of acute inflammation ECX. This is accompanied by fever, swelling in the area of infiltration. The skin in the coccyx area becomes congested.

However, the inflammation along with the pain can pass and the secondary stroke to heal. This is a false signal of recovery. Just temporary improvement. The source of the infection still inside and a relapse is almost inevitable. However, it should be noted that the ECX relapse may happen in a week, and after years. the Remember that all methods of treatment except surgery, are only temporary means of assistance. The disease will still be inside you.

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