Pilonidal cyst causes. Only one thing determines course of the disease

February 8, 2021

Tailbone cyst development is affected by a range of factors. Pilonidal cyst causes vary, that’s why it is so easy to get the disease. The cyst sometimes has innate origin. Being formed during pregnancy it manifests far long after birth, usually at the age of 16-30 years. What more, it does not bother most people having it throughout life. Inflammation of the cyst occurs only in a certain percentage of people.

Healthy lifestyle is the key

Healthy lifestyle can prevent the disease or its manifestation. Most pilonidal cyst causes are connected with unhealthy habits. They provoke the cyst growing and unpleasant symptoms can occur.

Stay active to avoid pilonidal cyst causes

Sedentary lifestyle is the main reason the cyst exhibits. Deterioration of gas exchange and blood circulation in the entire body and coccyx area specifically is number one on the list. Lack of activity also rises other pilonidal cyst causes. Organism failures and followed bad state in general aggravate the cyst developing. In other words unhealthy lifestyle arouse the disease both directly and indirectly.

Regular shower is vital for health

Inflammation is another tailbone tumor complication (or symptom) that lead to its active development. In this case pilonidal cyst causes are improper hygiene habits. The main  reasons of inflammations in the coccyx are clogged pores, presence of pustules and inflamed follicle in buttock area.

You might have fought (or at least noticed) black dots on the body. These points are the result of tiny dust and bacteria, which clog pores in your skin. The same is for tailbone cyst starting to develop. It is easy enough to clean face or body ducts through simple hygiene procedures. But not in the buttock crease due to the lack of air the amount of bacteria is growing rapidly. In addition, when you sit down or stand up, there is constant stretching and compression in the buttock crease. It makes it easier for dust and other particles to get deeper in the pores and follicles.

Body hair is still a controversial reason speaking of pilonidal cyst causes

If you literally translate “pilonidal” (Latin. pilus — hair and nidus — nest), here comes another reason – hair. However, some experts do not agree that the hair or their follicles can be attributed to pilonidal cyst causes. They provide cases when hair was not found at all during tailbone cyst surgery in confirmation to these words. However, the majority of specialists think that hair, and not only those grow in tailbone area,  can be among pilonidal cyst causes. Hair from other body parts get into and contribute inflammation. For example, those falling from head down in a buttock crease after a haircut.

Pilonidal cyst recovery time – things to know after surgery

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