Tailbone cyst treatment. Surgery, therapy and remedy for pilonidal cyst treatment

January 25, 2021

On the Internet you can find many ways of tailbone cyst treatment. You may be advised to take anti-inflammatory drugs, make various wraps, and even take antibiotics. Although various drugs can have effect, they cannot provide recovery once and for all. The only effective method of pilonidal cyst treatment is a surgery, that will relieve from the disease.

Ways of tailbone cyst treatment

There are three main directions of pilonidal cyst treatment people talk about. One should keep in the mind therapy and home remedy relieve symptoms, and a surgery is necessary in any case.


  • Inflammation in the cyst can occur from different species of microorganisms. Correct antibiotics can do the thing and help in tailbone cyst treatment. Though it is not an easy task requiring expensive and time-consuming study of the source of inflammation in the laboratory. The other option is to take a broad-spectrum antibiotics. These antibiotics may temporarily help. But only temporarily, and it brings a lot of side effects. Consult your doctor about antibiotics to take.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs can be used to relieve pain and inflammation of the cyst. But their effect is even more temporary than that of the antibiotics. Still, removing the symptoms is not pilonidal cyst treatment yet.

Medicines for tailbone cyst treatment&

Home remedies

A lot of patients are afraid of surgery like the of a plague and prefer to go with home remedy for tailbone cyst treatment. However, full recovery is impossible or just a coincidence. It is more linked with the cyst self-healing, which can happen, than magical herbs features used for pilonidal cyst treatment. And when the herbs help, they stop inflammation, not the developing of the cyst.What more, this is a temporary remission. Once inflamed tumor will inflame again.

On the Internet you can find recommendations to use herbs, propolis, celandine and various other means. This is all nonsense. Home remedies are much weaker than pharmacological anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. It’s not worth time spent in case of the disease.

Herbs home remedy for tailbone cyst treatment&


The only truly and proved way of pilonidal cyst treatment is an operation at a hospital.

  • Surgeons usually operate inflamed tailbone cysts in two stages. First they pre-open the abscess, and after the swelling comes down, excise the cyst. A small incision in the inflamed area is made after anesthesia. After the inflammation abates, the operation continues with a larger excision, it can be made a few days after the first stage. The patient cannot be discharged from the hospital until the tailbone cyst treatment is complete.
  • If a pilonidal cyst is not complicated, quite simple operation eliminates the disease once and for all. This operation takes no more than an hour (usually less). Operation is done under local anesthesia. It is important to prepare for postoperative period ahead, which may last several weeks (and even more).

Pilonidal cyst recovery time – things to know after surgery

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