Retrocerebellar cyst – what is it?

November 5, 2015

Retrocerebellar cyst - what is it?

To the beginning of the turn to the interpretation of the term. In medicine, it is indicated by a benign neoplasm characterized by large volume and represents a bubble filled with liquid. He placed between soft tissues. In this case, we will consider such a phenomenon as retrocerebellar cyst: it is located inside the brain.


The neoplasm occurs most often in place of dead brain cells, as well as where there were dead areas of gray matter. Thus, retrocerebellar cyst – is encapsulated portion between tissues, fluid-filled. As possible causes of cysts doctors called a stroke, circulatory failure, multiple trauma, unsuccessful surgery and inflammatory processes. Cysts such dangerous mainly in that eventually killed more and more brain cells. If the tumor has not been removed in due time, it begins to rise, squeezing the soft tissue.

Arachnoid cysts

The risk to humans is not only retrocerebellar cyst. It can be arachnoid: in this case the bubble with the liquid between the localized brain membranes. Experts say the feasibility to allocate primary (ie congenital) and secondary education.

Primary cyst

This is explained by the diagnosis of congenital anomaly. The bubble thus occurs at a time when the baby in the womb. The condition of the fetus can be affected by a variety of factors ranging from physical to chemical (this includes alcohol and nicotine, radiation exposure, exposure to certain drugs).

The secondary cyst

In this case, retrocerebellar cyst develops on the background of certain diseases (meningitis, agenesis of the corpus callosum). In addition, it may result from injury (especially tremors) or complications after surgery. In most cases, affect the formation of the temporal lobes, fossa, and the surface of the brain. As inflammation increases, the cyst is growing.


Retrocerebellar liquor cyst can be diagnosed by the following criteria: severe headache, which, as it pulsates in the skull, visual and auditory hallucinations, irritability, nervousness, the state of overexcitement, loss of consciousness. If you notice these symptoms at, it is a cause for immediate visit to the neurologist and psychiatrist.

Retrocerebellar cysts: treatment

Before you start taking medication, you must pass a series of examinations and determine the cause of the formation of cysts. The doctor will prescribe laboratory tests, imaging of the brain and research vessels. Only then can you start treatment. It is aimed primarily at eliminating the factors that can trigger further growth of cysts. In addition, attention is paid to the inhibition of inflammation and recovery of damaged brain cells. If the cyst is large, it makes sense to resort to surgery.

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