Is follicular cyst dangerous for women health? Ultrasound helps to avoid many problems

July 25, 2019

Ovarian cyst is a quite common disease among women of all ages. This also applies to follicular cysts of the ovary. It, as one of the functional cysts types, it tend to disappear by its own in most cases. But sometimes this ovarian cyst requires hormonal treatment and even surgery.

Follicular cyst appears in both teens and older women. They occur quite often and are the result of changes that occur in the body during normal menstrual cycle.

They develop in one or both ovaries at the same time. They can grow inside or outside the ovary, but more often follicular cysts develop inside. This is due to the nature of their occurrence.

During normal processes of the reproductive system a certain stigma forms in the wall of the follicle. Then it ruptures and ready to fertilize ovule get out of the follicle. This is how ovulation is going. However, it happens that the follicle does not burst but begins to grow. This formation is called follicular cyst.

follicular cyst danger for women's health

As a rule, follicular cyst is a benign formation that is easily treated. Usually it is small in size – like a walnut. The cyst of this size does not give symptoms and this is perhaps the main danger. Because the woman not know that he is sick meanwhile the cyst grows.

When the follicular cyst has reached a large size, it can harm the health of the woman. This time also symptoms begin to appear. There are abdominal pain and stomach problems.

How to determine when to start worrying?

The only way to detect ovarian cyst in time is to visit the doctor regularly and do medical ultrasound.

If women systematically have medical ultrasound procedure then it is not difficult to cure or prevent such a disease. Regular visits to the doctor are really important because some cysts can be dangerous to health. It happens that growing tumors are accompanied by complications. This, for example, twisting the legs of the ovary that fraught with necrosis and even infertility in future.

How often do ultrasound scans is necessary for women?

It is necessary to have medical ultrasound procedure of the pelvic organs at least once a year to detect the cyst in time and prevent its development.

medical ultrasound prevent follicular cyst danger

Since the follicular cyst is a functional cyst, its appearance is mainly due to hormonal failures. Therefore, women taking hormonal drugs should pay special attention to their health in this regard. Both those who take the medicines as treatment and contraception.

Changes in the hormonal background can lead to the appearance of follicular ovarian cysts. To prevent this, a woman should have an ultrasound twice a year. And it is definitely necessary to go through the procedure before starting oral contraceptives. However if you, first consult with a doctor, as it is supposed to be, he will order it anyway.

So is follicular cyst dangerous?

Summing up, we can say that the follicular cyst itself is not dangerous. With one BUT – if it is not developing. A growing cyst, as well as follicular cyst of large size, can harm the woman’s health and body. In addition, such cyst can develop into cancer.

The main risk associated with follicular cyst is its complications – rupture and twisting.

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