Cyst of the brain: the treatment of the symptoms and consequences

June 14, 2020

Cyst of the brain

What is it?

Many scares such phrase as a cyst of the brain. Treatment depends on the cause, but if the time to identify this pathology and to take all necessary measures, that many problems can be easily avoided.

So, brain cysts, the treatment which will be described in detail below – is the formation in the brain, which is a kind of bubble with the fluid. Do not confuse a brush with cancer, because these are two different concepts. Described tumor can not disturb the person, but it can begin active growth, and this is very dangerous. There are two types of cysts: arachnoid (arising between the lining of the brain, stuck together with each other due to some injuries) and cerebral, located directly in the brain tissue.


Because of what may appear a brain cyst, the treatment of which, by the way, it depends precisely on the causes? There may be more.

  • Infectious diseases, such as meningitis or encephalitis.
  • head trauma, mechanical damage.
  • Violations of cerebral circulation.

Symptoms of cyst of the brain

How manifests a brain cyst? Sometimes this pathology is almost no give themselves felt. But there may be some symptoms.

  1. Discomfort in the head: distension or pressure.
  2. Severe pain in the head (they usually occur periods).
  3. Poor balance.
  4. epileptic seizures.
  5. Cripple one or two legs at once.
  6. The tinnitus or hearing loss.
  7. fainting, loss of consciousness.
  8. Vision problems.
  9. Numbness of any part of the body.

But precisely determine the presence of cysts can only be medical examinations: MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), some blood tests (cholesterol and clotting) and assessment of the heart and blood circulation.


As a cyst removed brain? Treating it as already noted, it depends on the causes of this disease. In the case of inflammation and infection is assigned to antibiotic therapy. If you have problems with immunity appointed immunomodulators. If the cause of the cyst steel spikes, it will be assigned to supplementation, resolve them. In addition, the technique can be recommended tools to improve the blood supply to the brain and circulatory system. It is also important to normalize blood pressure and blood clotting. Another point – reducing the amount of cholesterol. If all else fails, and the cyst grows, it will probably require surgical removal. In any case, it is important to constant surveillance, even if pathology is not making its presence felt.


How can threaten or cerebral arachnoid cysts of the brain? The consequences can be sad: the brain will not get the work necessary for its nutrients, its cells start to die, leading to the loss of some function or even death in severe cases. In conclusion, we can add that it is essential to identify the time to brush and begin treatment to avoid adverse effects.

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