Cysts in breast tissue – how big is the danger? Complications, pregnancy

November 16, 2020

Cysts in breast tissue is a quite widespread problem. According to statistics, women of childbearing age are affected by the disease more often. And today, many females are interested in questions about what exactly is the disease. And what is the cyst, how dangerous can it be?

What are cysts in breast tissues

A breast cyst is an abnormal hollow structure of round, oval, or rarely other shape. In fact, this structure resembles a pouch filled with liquid.

The capsule is formed as a result of strong expansion of one of the ducts in breast. It begins to accumulate secretions. Then it is possible to notice the formation of elastic fibrous membrane. In most cases, the wall of the cavity is smooth, without excrescences. It is noticed that the cavity thickness may indicate neoplasms age. Which means the old walls are much thicker.

As for the contents of the cyst, it can also provide valuable information to the specialist. The substance, which fills the young tumor, as a rule, is transparent, sometimes with a slight yellowish tinge. But liquid in the old capsule acquire a greenish tint. In the formation with papillomas on the inner walls, contents of the formation can acquire brown and even chocolate shade.

Sizes of cysts in breast tissues may be different. Most often the diameter of the capsule does not exceed five millimeters. On the other hand, the cyst can reach quite large dimensions due to the acceleration of neoplasm. It can even lead to change of breast shape.

Today, many people are interested in questions about how to cure cysts in breast tissues. Only doctor can give the correct answer. Specialist’s consultation and full examination are necessary.

Cysts in breast tissue blue picture.

Cysts in breast tissues during pregnancy

Statistics tell about few cases of cysts in breast tissue during pregnancy. Though there are some. The causes of the disease are rooted in hormonal imbalance, excess estrogen specifically. During pregnancy the amount of this hormone dramatically decreases. Which is the reason the problem is not common during pregnancy. However the risk of the cysts in the 9 months still exists.

How dangerous are cysts in breast tissues while carrying a child? Experts agree that the presence of a cyst does not threat health of mother and child. Even better, the presence of such structures in breast is not an obstacle to further breastfeeding. Treatment to the pregnant women are prescribed if the cyst rapidly increases in size. It usually includes conservative methods. Surgery is applied only in extreme cases.

As for prevention methods, pregnant women and nursing mothers should adhere to the so-called anti-estrogen diet. Keeping it the women are meant to avoid (at least limit) fatty and fried foods, sweets and other foods full of cholesterol. Because this substance is a booster for estrogen synthesis.

Possible complications corresponding with cysts in breast tissues

In fact, cysts in breast tissues are not considered a very serious disease. The emergence of the tumors and fibroids doesn’t bring threat to the patient’s life. The disease can be treated quickly and painlessly in 90% of the cases.

However, some complications are still possible. The most common one is inflammation. This pathology in the tissues of the neoplasm leads to the accumulation of purulent masses. This complication is accompanied by fever, severe pain in the chest, redness and swelling of the skin. In such cases, the patients need immediate professional help.

A woman hold her breast because of pain, white and black picture with red.

There is probability of malignant transformation of the tissues, which is another, and more severe, accompanied problem. Of course, this complication of cysts in breast tissue is rare. But it worths remembering it means higher risk of cancer. Therefore, women with such a diagnosis are advised not to skip routine checkups by gynecologist, endocrinologist and mammologist.

Above it, cysts in breast tissue can greatly increase in size, especially when it comes to the multiple formations. Tendency to the increasing brings a lot of problems to the women. It includes soreness, discomfort, and aesthetic issue with the shape of breast.

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