Cyst in breast treatment and diagnosis. What to expect in a doctor’s office

November 23, 2020

A cyst in breast is a cavity filled with liquid, which appears in breast tissues. After diagnosis a doctor choses the most appropriate method to get rid of the disease. Cyst in breast treatment includes medicines and surgery. Home remedies can relieve the pain and other symptoms, but can’t be used as a main way to cure the ailment.

Modern methods of diagnosis

Any small suspicion of the cyst presence is a good reason to visit a doctor. As a rule, the cyst easily detected during palpation (except a formations of very small size).

After that, the patient must undergo a full examination. For instance, as a rule, doctors recommend a mammogram. X-ray examination can confirm the presence of the cysts. It also provides information on the tumors number, size and shape.

Mammogramm results before cyst in breast treatment.

Ultrasound gives additional information. This procedure allows to explore the walls of the tumors. It helps to reveal the presence of various wall structures within the cyst. Another diagnosis procedure is magnetic resonance imaging. This one allows to get image of the cyst (or other structures) in different angels.

Sometimes patients are prescribed a biopsy, during which a doctor takes a sample of the cyst and its content. The sample is then examined in a laboratory. Normally, the substance that fills the cyst contains only a small number of cells. In addition, the study of the content help to determine the presence of inflammation.

After the cyst is accurately diagnosed, a doctor must find the cause of the cystic formation. Additional examinations are done to know the state of the endocrine system and certain other organ systems.

Cyst in breast treatment – conservative methods

After the disease is accurate diagnosed the doctor makes a suitable regimen. Expert’s advice must be followed, otherwise there is high probability of complications. So what does cyst in breast treatment consist of?

Small single capsules do not require a therapy. In such cases, doctors usually recommend regular inspections that help to monitor the growth of the tumors.

Since the appearance of the cyst is often due to violation of hormonal background, cyst in breast treatment starts with hormonal therapy to have patient’s endocrine system working its right way. But only if the previous examinations have confirmed the problem is in hormones. For this purpose doctors prescribe intake of low doses of hormones (in most cases, it’s contraception). Daily quantity and specific medication are determined individually.

Hormonal medications (contraceptives) are a tool for cyst in breast treatment.

As a tool of cyst in breast treatment homeopathic remedies are often used. They act gently on the body and accelerate the healing process. If the patient has problems with thyroid gland, they may be given drugs that contain iodine. In addition, biological additives that help to normalize the immune and endocrine systems are often used. They resolve problems of metabolism as well.

Often patients need sedative drugs, because it is essential to avoid stress and nervous overload during treatment. In most cases mild sedatives are used, such as tincture of motherwort or Valerian.

It is essential to keep a proper diet. You have to limit coffee, chocolate, sweets and salt. Patients replace them with fresh fruits, vegetables and other foods rich in fiber.

Cyst in breast treatment is quite different in presence of inflammation. In such cases, women are prescribed anti-inflammatory painkillers. Antipyretic drugs are used when there is a fever. The patient in severe conditions should be hospitalized.

If a doctor has found a tumor of large size, they offer to perform the puncture. It is minimally invasive and quite common procedure. Using a special long needle, the doctor punctures the cyst and removes its content. At the same time the cavity of the capsule fills with oxygen and ozone, which causes the adhesion of its walls. The resulting liquid is further sent for laboratory tests.

Puncture is a common invasive method of cyst in breast treatment&

These are the common methods of cyst in breast treatment. Reviews from patients indicate that such methods help to get rid of this disease quickly and without risk to health very effectively.

Surgical treatment

Unfortunately, not always conservative cyst in breast treatment gives the desired result. In such situations, there is a resort to surgery. What are the cases for denying the conservative methods in favour to the surgery?

Surgical intervention is performed if medications have been ineffective. In addition, the indication for this procedure is a large cysts, the size of which exceeds fifteen millimetres. Surgical removal is also necessary with frequent relapses and suspicion of malignant cells presence.

In such cases a cyst in breast is removed fully. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure is called sectoral resection. A surgeon removes not only the cyst, but also part of its surrounding tissues. In the end the doctor imposes a cosmetic seam, which after complete rehabilitation period is almost invisible.

This surgical cyst in breast treatment does not affect a woman’s life a lot. She is able to breastfeed a baby in future.

It should be noted that the surgery does not prevent the functioning of breast cancer.
What is breast cyst? All information about the disease – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

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