Baker’s cyst in children – more often than in adults. Dangerous complications.

June 16, 2020

Baker’s cyst in children is more widespread occasion than in case of adults. The cyst is caused by extra collection of fluid inside the bursa between the calf muscle and the knee joint. It may be invisible, but it is always an obstacle for bending a leg. And if the disease is ignored, it can lead to rather sad consequences.

Baker's cyst in children - dangerous complications

Baker’s cyst in children

Inside a joint capsule in a knee there is an area filled with synovial fluid. Sometimes it bulges causing the place to swell. Such a tumor is diagnosed as “a Baker’s cyst”.

In medicine specialists often face with Baker’s cyst in children. It is noted that most commonly this disease occurs with children between the ages of 4 and 7 years. Not least important reason is the fact that the children’s age is usually accompanied with multiple knee bruises, sprained ligaments and meniscus damage that can easily provoke the appearance of the cyst.

Among other things, the cyst often self-heals. So, doctors do not hurry up with the final prescription, when find Baker’s cyst in children. They prefer to observe how the tumor behave, and only then choose the method for its treatment.

Consequences of untreated Baker’s cyst in children

Baker’s cyst in children is not a dangerous disease itself. But its complications can cause significant harm to health. It includes:

  1. Cyst rupture. It can cause painful swelling of the back of the leg, inflammation, redness and itching.
  2. Compressing veins. This is very dangerous as it causes poor circulation in the lower limbs and causes the development of thrombophlebitis. The limb becomes edematous and purple. A blood clots, in turn, entails the risk of stroke or even death.
  3. Compression of the nerve bundles. This can lead to malfunction of the limbs and the formation of necrotic areas in soft tissues that are hard and long to treat.
  4. Festering. It can affect joints purulent arthritis or osteomyelitis – severe inflammation that can lead to blood poisoning.

So if you have suspicions on the development of Baker’s cyst in children, you should urgently consult specialists without waiting for severe and irreparable consequences.

More information about Baker’s cyst here.

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