Ovarian dermoid cyst treatment – all methods. What is he most popular?

September 7, 2020

Ovarian dermoid cyst treatment, a development on the ovary, unlike many other forms of cystic tumors are not usually amenable to medical treatment. Most tumors do have the ability to dissolve under the influence of drugs. But this is different with the ovarian cyst. Ovarian dermoid cyst treatment, especially in case of this complex disease as ovarian cyst, is only possible by surgical intervention. This is mostly due to the content. Since the teratoma contains in its cavity fibroids, teeth, hair, fat, and in some cases even bone, and other particles, the effect of medications on her is futile.

Ovarian dermoid cyst treatment is possible only by removing it. But before you are assigned an operation to remove the formation, doctor carefully examines all the factors that play role in choosing the method of operations. A very important role has size of the cyst and its location. Removal of dermoid ovarian cyst is carried out in an emergency mode, if there was a rupture of the tumor or the twisting leg.

Special attention is given to patients with malignancy, and pregnant women. These factors and the presence of inflammatory processes in the affected organs should be considered.

Surgical ovarian dermoid cysts treatment methods

Ovarian dermoid cyst treatment - all methods. What is he most popular?

Given the above factors, the surgeon decides how dermoid cyst of the ovary should be removed .

  • If the patient is of childbearing age, the removal is carried out by cystectomy. Cutting only the outgrowth. Sometimes with cystic “bag” is deleted and the affected portion of the ovary.
  • In the case where the patient has entered menopause, then more drastic measures is applied. It means complete removal of the ovary. And sometimes possible elimination of inflammation requires removing the two bodies. This method is called oophorectomy. If the cyst has reached a large size and damage to reproductive organs were subjected to the next, the surgeon performs adnexectomy. The result of the operation by this method is elimination of the tumor along with the ovaries and fallopian tubes.
  • When carrying out emergency operations often subjected to removal of all of the internal reproductive organs of women. Since in such cases, the tumor reaches a size too large, and the inflammation spreads to all nearby organs.

In most cases, laparoscopically is performed as the surgery. Depending on the health of the patient, the expert determined the decision to perform laparotomy or laparoscopy. Once dermoid cyst of the ovary is removed, the patient is assigned to maintenance therapy with hormonal levels. For a long time, and possibly throughout her life, a woman will use hormonal drugs.

One of the nuances after surgical ovarian dermoid cyst treatment is the problem of conceiving a child. The operated patients can have pregnancy no earlier than six months after. When the disease develops in women who are pregnant, removal of teratoma is only for large amounts of the formation or in an emergency. If the tumor develops slowly, it is desirable to get rid of it after giving birth.

Ovarian dermoid cyst treatment - all methods. What is he most popular?

The effects of surgical ovarian dermoid cyst treatment

If the cyst is detected and removed at an early stage, the effects of surgery are small. A few weeks later the woman resumes her normal life. However, there are cases, mainly when the tumor was big, the consequences are very serious:

  • the tumor may relapse in the partial or incomplete removal of the cavity;
  • hormone disruptions and as a consequence, the emergence of other health problems;
  • the development of malignant tumors and metastases;
  • problems with reproduction.

To avoid serious consequences, including possible unpleasant effects surgical ovarian dermoid cyst treatment, women should be regularly examined by a doctor. If dermoid detected at an early stage, the impact of its removal is low or doesn’t exist. Upon detection of the formation in the body, you need to follow all the instructions of the doctor and be sure to agree to the operation.

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