Chalazion eyelid (meibomian) cyst. Symptoms and treatment of the cysts.

August 3, 2020


What is a chalazion?

Eyelid chalazion, also known as meibomian cyst, is a fairly common disease of eyes. The cyst (fluid-filled formation) feels like a small painless lump. Sometimes it may be contaminated. This condition is caused by blocking specific gland, located in eyelid. If it gives discomfort and does not resolve naturally, it demands surgical removal. Chalazion is a small (2-8 mm) cysts round, often manifesting itself in the right eyelid. Thus meibomian cyst can appear on both eyelids and in both eyes.

What causes a chalazion?

There are tiny glands right below the inner surface of an eyelid. They produce oily liquid to lubricate the eye. If the gland is blocked, the fluid can’t flow, and it may swell into the cysts. Chalazion is more often not contagious.

Over time, the inflammation can cause nodules, or simply granulomas. This is called chronic chalazion. It takes relatively long time to form and becomes more solid.

Chalazion eyelid may be accompanied by the emergence of the eye barley disease. It also occurs in people who have eczema or blepharitis.

Symptoms and treatment of a chalazion

The standard symptom is the appearance of a small lump on the eyelid. It may be invisible at first glance. Sometimes it causes mild pain or irritation. It is also possible that the cyst is infected, then the pain can be re-intensify.

It has no effect on vision. Only in rare cases when it becomes so large that the pressure on the eyeball and distorts vision.

In the early stages of the disease the patient is recommended to monitor the cyst and wait.

Hot compresses ease the pain, and a gentle massage helps to dry out the cyst. A compress made from soft natural cloth dampened with hot water. The water really should be hot, but not enough to cause a burn.

Chalazion eyelid (meibomian) cyst - everything to know

Are there any complications?

Most of the cysts cause absolutely no problems. Sometimes it can become infected and this infection in the running event will grow in all the soft tissues around the eye. Also infected chalazion upper eyelid is able to cause pain and fever, loss of vision and light sensitivity of the light. If this is your case, then you need to urgently contact the nearest hospital. Orbital cellulitis is required to be treated, most often prescribe a course of antibiotics.

Most people have this type of cyst only once in his entire life. However, some have a genetic propensity to relapse.

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