Nasal cyst treatment & diagnostic. All the ways – operations, home remedies, laser.

November 6, 2019

Before a doctor decides what way of treatment should be chosen, he must observe the patient with special equipment.

Nasal cyst diagnostic

These are the common methods:

  • Ultrasound.
  • Puncture.
  • Endoscopy.
  • Computed tomography.

Also, the doctor must interview the patient, ask what is bothering him and for how long. On the basis of these information and the observation results he makes a diagnose and prescribe necessary treatment.

Nasal cyst treatment methods

Nasal cyst can be got rid by the following methods:

  • Surgery.
  • With endoscope.
  • Laser treatment.
  • Folk remedies.

Does the size matters?

The choice of the method to get rid of the cyst depends on its diameter. It is determined after the X-rays. In image formation is measured, and if it is less than one centimeter, it is considered small. In this case, the surgical intervention is not required. But it can be held by the patient request or in presence of the hard symptoms.

If the tumor in the nose more than one centimeter in diameter, its elimination is essential. And to make it with the help of an endoscope or surgical knife – this is the treating doctor will decide, taking into account the symptoms.

Surgery nasal cyst treatment


Surgical removing of the cysts in nose is usually performed through operation by Caldwell-Luc. The procedure is performed under anesthesia. General, as usual. But the doctor can make different decision and prescibe the local one.

The patient is cut under the upper lip, cut the front of the sinus wall, and through the hole done by special surgical instruments the cyst is removed.

However, this method has its drawbacks: the stoma, made at the time of the surgery, overgrown scars, bone distraction. In bad case these can lead to dysfunction of the mucosal tissue, and as a result, to the appearance of rhinitis or sinusitis. Also, after this kind of intervention the patient is not immediately sent home, he has a few more days to be under a doctor’s supervision.

Caldwell-Luc for nasal cyst treatment

Rehabilitation period

If the doctor has decided that nasal cyst has to be removed, the operation should be done only in the clinic. In the future, the patient must adhere to specific guidelines and to comply strictly with a doctor’s prescription to minimize the risks of adverse effects.

  • Two days of rest, on purpose not to provoke bleeding complications.
  • Conduct nasal hygiene: washing, moisturizing, antiseptic.
  • It is forbidden to make steamed procedure.
  • Heavy physical exertion is contraindicated.

Endoscopic removal

In this case of the nasal cyst tratment, the operation is done using a special device that is inserted through a nostril of the patient. However, the doctor does no perforations or cuts.

The whole process can be seen on the monitor and is usually held without anesthesia.The advantages of this nasal cyst treatment method is that the maxillary sinus remains intact, as well as all the properties of the mucous membrane is fully retained.

Another advantage is that after such a procedure the patient on the same day can go home, which is very important for the person’s emotional state.

Also, this method of getting rid of the cyst is not limited to the conduct of, and very rarely leads to complications.


This nasal cyst treatment has gained high popularity, and all thanks to the fact that it is almost painless, and the regeneration process is much shorter than during a standard operation. Before you go to the procedure, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will give their recommendations and to find out which method is the best to remove the formation.

Laser for nasal cyst treatment

Drug treatment

To get rid of the cyst in the nose with the help of tablets does not work, so if someone recommends this method of healing, you do not believe him. However, currently under research and development aimed at the creation of special drugs that can dissolve such formation.

Home treatment

Traditional medicine in the nasal cyst treatment may not give results. What more, it can ake the situation worse. Especially if the cause of education is allergic rhinitis. After all, home treatment methods, such as the use of honey and propolis, can only provoke even greater attacks of allergies, so that the cyst may even increase in size.

If there is a nasal cyst the following folk remedies are strictly prohibited:

  • Honey.
  • Instill herbal infusions, decoctions, oils.
  • Rinsing the nasal cavity tinctures, extracts.
  • Inhalations with essential oils.
  • Reception of homeopathic medicines.

Folk remedies for nasal cyst treatment

Recommended methods

But what still home therapy options are available? Next, we consider the most innocuous recipes to get rid of nasal cyst, but their effectiveness can not be confirmed.

  • Forest cyclamen tuber juice. The drug is diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 4. Bury need two drops in each nostril for seven days. The procedure is best done in the morning.
  • A mixture of glycerol (10 ml), boiled with purified water (25 ml), mummy (2 g). All components combine and pipetted drip medication into the patient sinus three drops twice per day.
  • Salt water (mixing two teaspoons of salt with a glass of the liquid). Boil this mixture, cooled to forty degrees, and then rinse your nose with this solution in the morning and evening. On the night after the procedure, you must instill five drops of warm vegetable oil into both nostrils. The duration of the treatment istwo weeks.

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