Cervical cyst. Causes and symptoms, removal and treatment of folk remedies

November 5, 2015

Cervical cyst. Causes and symptoms, removal and treatment of folk remedies

Quite often during a pelvic examination in women diagnosed with cervical Nabothian cyst. This phenomenon is very common, so many of the fair sex are looking for additional information on the disease. Why there is a cyst? What are the symptoms accompanied by a similar condition? How dangerous can be a tumor? What treatments are most effective? Answers to these questions will be useful to many readers.

A brief description of the anatomical

In order to understand what is Nabothian cyst, first worth considering the anatomy of the uterus. The cervix is ​​the lower segment of the body which is narrowed toward the vagina. It’s kind of a hollow tube within which lies the cervical canal, which, actually, and connects the uterus and vagina.

The part of the cervix, which extends in the vaginal cavity, usually is the place of formation of cysts. It is covered with a flat stratified epithelium. In turn, the cervical canal vystelen single layer of cylindrical epithelium. The outer mouth of the cervix is ​​also surrounded by holes Nabothian duct glands that produce special mucous secretion is responsible for the protection of the cervical canal and uterus from pathogens.

What is Nabothian cyst?

The cysts may have different sizes. Moreover, they can be single or multiple, and sometimes even cover an entire area of ​​the external os neck penetrating into the cervical canal.

What are the causes of tumors?

Why do I get Nabothian cervical cysts? The reasons may be different, so you should consider them more carefully:

  • Obstruction glandular flow often occurs against infectious-inflammatory process. During this period the glands begin to produce large amounts of mucus, to “wash” the infection from the wall of the cervix and maintain the normal operation of the cervical epithelium. Against the background of these processes, the likelihood of blockage higher. And the infection can infect themselves glands, which leads to the appearance of a thick, sometimes purulent secretions.
  • The risk factors can be attributed to mechanical tissue damage in this area, that there is, for example, during childbirth, abortion, dilatation and curettage and other gynecologic procedures.
  • Nabothian cyst often forms on the background of hormonal changes – be it as a natural physiological processes (pregnancy, menopause), and various diseases that are associated with disruption of normal hormonal levels.

Nabothian cyst cervical: symptoms

Of course, many women are interested in questions about whether there are any specific features that are worth paying attention to. In fact, these tumors are rarely accompanied by appearances. Single Nabothian cervical cysts usually develop symptoms and are discovered by chance during routine gynecological examinations.

But the larger tumors or multiple cysts can cause some problems. In particular, growing, these structures may block the lumen of the cervical canal. In such cases, the women complain of abdominal pain before and during menstruation as cyst complicating yield menses. In some instances, such retention cyst of the cervix leads to difficulties with conception or infertility.

How dangerous Nabothian cyst?

For the most part similar to the tumor is not considered dangerous. However, some risks do exist. In particular, the presence of cysts increases the risk of inflammatory diseases and genital system susceptibility to various infections.

In addition, the possible inflammation of the cyst with suppuration its contents, then rupture and release festering mass of the surrounding tissue. Cysts can span larger lumen cervical canal that leads to stagnation of fluid in the uterus, as well as infertility.

The cyst cervix and pregnancy

As mentioned earlier, the emergence and growth of these tumors are often associated with hormonal changes in the body. That is why quite often Nabothian cervical cyst (or cysts) significantly increases in size it is during pregnancy. This condition is dangerous for both the mother’s body, and for the child.

The fact is that the growth of tumors distorting the cervix, which can lead to early detection and her premature birth or miscarriage. In addition, the gap able to finish this structure during childbirth that vposleduyuschem leads to the development of erosion, which is difficult to treat.

However, doctors are still arguing about whether to treat a cyst during pregnancy, or better to start treatment after birth. The fact that removal of such formation can also cause premature opening of the uterus. That is why in most cases pregnant women with this diagnosis is recommended to reduce physical activity, spending time alone, and give up on time from sex.

Modern methods of diagnosis

Of course, first of all we need a thorough examination and diagnosis. Usually, cysts Nabothian glands of the cervix can be detected during a routine pelvic exam. With the help of mirrors gynecologist can see the single or multiple small formation on the mucosa of the cervix, which are often located at the entrance to the cervical canal.

Because it is important to find out not only the cyst but also the reasons for their development, women prescribe additional tests. In particular, it is necessary to take the vaginal smear on by microflora and to conduct tests for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases. Sometimes it is necessary to pass a complete blood count, as well as to check hormone levels. If you suspect the presence of malignancy biopsy tissue.

Quite often prescribed to patients and colposcopy – examination of the internal genital organs with a special magnifying instrument. During the procedure, the doctor can more closely examine the cyst, to determine the presence of inflammation, erosion, necrosis, and so on. D.

Do I need to specific therapy?

Women who have discovered Nabothian cyst cervical interesting question is, what treatment is necessary in this case. Choosing it depends on the doctor. Sometimes, for example, when it comes to the formation of a small unit, a specialist can advise a dynamic observation – there are cases when these cysts disappear on their own.

However, often require complete therapy which may include medication and surgical procedure – depending on the condition of the patient and the presence of concomitant diseases.

Nabothian cervical cysts: treatment, removal

The specific medical treatment is required only if at the time of diagnosis were identified inflammation, hormonal disorders or other causes of disease. In such cases, the antibiotic is carried (in the presence of genital infections), inflammatory or hormonal therapy. Only then can you decide whether to eliminate tumors.

Removing Nabothian cervical cysts can be carried out in different ways. First we need to pierce the tumor by removing all of its liquid contents. Then you need to remove the cyst capsule itself, as otherwise a high risk of relapse. To remove used different methods:

  • surgical excision of the cyst and surrounding tissue using an endoscope;
  • moxibustion capsule cysts using electric currents (electrocautery);
  • Laser therapy – allows you to remove the tissue capsule with a laser beam without causing serious complications, including infection or bleeding (the most fast and safe technique, which, however, is quite expensive);
  • destruction of the capsule shell by means of ultrasound;
  • cryosurgery – freezing the tissue capsule with liquid nitrogen;
  • cyst removal using radio wave “knife.”

After the operation the patient is prescribed drugs that reduce the likelihood of infection and promote rapid healing and regeneration of tissues of the cervix.

Are there any traditional methods of treatment?

Many patients are interested in questions about whether there are effective folk remedies to combat cervical cyst. Naturally, traditional medicine offers many methods of home treatment.

For example, some healers recommend taking a mixture of eggs and pumpkin seeds. For its preparation, first to cook seven eggs and separate the yolks. A tablespoon of pumpkin seeds should be carefully milled (for example, in a coffee grinder) and mix with the yolks. Add half a liter of vegetable oil, stir, put the mixture in a water bath and keep there for about an hour, stirring constantly. Take your medicine every morning you need one teaspoon. Keep refrigerated. This amount will be sufficient for the full course of therapy. Some recommend intravaginal tampons of garlic mixture. Prescription shall not give, because this tool is very doubtful.

In any case it is necessary to understand that the people’s money can only be used with a doctor’s permission, as wrong treatment can only exacerbate the situation. In addition, home-made drugs can not replace a full medical or surgical therapy.

Do effective methods of prevention?

Despite the fact that Nabothian cyst cervical neoplasm is a relatively harmless and does not pose a serious danger, in some cases, possible complications, and extremely unpleasant. Therefore, many patients are interested in questions about whether there are effective methods of prevention.

Unfortunately, modern medicine is not known drug that could protect a woman from cyst formation. However, following some simple rules can reduce the likelihood of its occurrence or at least diagnose the disease at an early stage.

The first step is to observe good personal hygiene. Promiscuity as a risk factor, so it is important to use condoms. In addition, it is recommended to use other methods of contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy and thus abortion, which may also contribute to the formation of cysts.

It is important to undergo treatment of inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system. Twice a year, should be carried out preventive gynecological exam, which will give an opportunity to diagnose a particular problem in the early stages.

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