Types of skin cyst – which are dangerous? When you need a doctor?

July 30, 2020

Many people are often really questioned finding a tumor on their own skin. Quite often, it is a closed capsule formation filled with various content. What kinds of the cyst exist, and which types of skin cyst are to be troubled about, we tell you right now.

Types of skin cysts

  1. The hair cyst skin – can occur in women of middle age. Often a dome-shaped knot, smooth cyst. Its size can reach five 2 inches. Unlike the epidermal cysts skin, it is not a hole formation. The cyst is usually located on the scalp. With over time it breaks, causing inflammation and pain.
  2. Epidermal type of skin cyst is a cavity formed by the epithelium or epidermis hair follicles and intradermal filled with fat substances. Epidermal cysts is often diagnosed in young and middle aged people. Localisation of them, usually on the neck, chest, face, upper back.
  3. Milia. It is a small epidermal cyst containing a keratin, which locates on the skin of forehead, eyelids, cheeks. They looks like multiple yellow-white papules. Usually whitehead appears in place of the previously received wounds. Can be diagnosed even in infants.
  4. Synovial cyst. Often appears on the feet or on the skin of the back of a hand. Quite often filled with gelatinous transparent liquid. If the cyst appears at the nail phalanx, there is its degeneration.
  5. Implantation cyst occurs when there is a trauma of epidermis, after which it begins to grow and forms a cavity with fat masses. Localisation of such types of skin cyst usually on the palms and soles. It looks like a small subcutaneous node
  6. Calcification of the skin is the disease caused by violation of the neuroendocrine regulation, reproductive organs, thyroid gland or some chronic diseases. The cyst appears as a result on skin as small seals.

Types of skin cyst - which are dangerous? When you need doctor?

Treatment of skin cysts

Features of treatment of different types of skin cyst are as in any case. The treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist. Each type of the disease requires a special and specific approach.

If you suddenly discovered one of the types of skin cyst, seek medical advice immediately. Sometimes surgery is appointed, but often ointment to the skin or taking medication are enough. For more detailed advice about the treatment approach a dermatologist.

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