Baby with a cyst on brain – is there a real danger?

May 20, 2020

A cyst in the newborn brain is a lesion in the brain. It is a spherical cavity filled with liquid and stored dead nervous tissue. Formation of the cysts can occur in any area of ​​the brain. What more, baby with a cyst on brain can have not single but several formations.

What types does baby with a cyst on brain have?

There are several types that can appear. And they determine the danger and the risks. The most common of them are the following:

  1. First of all it’s a vascular plexus cyst. It’s the most safe formation, because it can disappear on their own. Besides, the cyst can be diagnosed during fetal development. Doctors can respond on time, although it’s not always necessary. Such formations are not a rare thing.
  2. A more serious pathology is a subependymal cyst. It requires a special monitoring during its development. The cause of this formation is often insufficient blood circulation in the area of ​​the brain ventricles. As a result we have lack of oxygen which leads to tissues die. And in their place the cavity of a future cyst can form.
  3. Another pathology in newborns associated with brain is arachnoid cyst. This formation may have different shapes and sizes. It is formed in all brain regions. The exact cause of this type is still not established.

Symptoms of brain cysts

Baby with a cyst on brain - is there a real danger?

The most reliable way to know if there is a cyst on baby’s brain is ultrasound. More and more often it becomes a necessary procedure after birth. I makes the disease less dangerous and allow to treat it on time. But without the ultrasound people are usually unable to understand if something is wrong, or what is the reason of feeling ill. As a rule, baby with a cyst on brain don’t have any specific symptoms. But parents should pay attention to some sings.

The symptoms of this disease are determined by the location of the cystic cavity in the brain a lot. For example, if it is placed in the occipital part, it damage the optic nerve. As a result, there are all kinds of visual failures. They include reduced, double eyesight, having mist before the eyes.

If the cyst is present in the tissues of the cerebellum, the main manifestations are in the coordination of movements and gait.

If cysts are in sella turcica near the pituitary gland, it provokes disturbance to the functioning of the endocrine system. It can manifest as delayed sexual and physical development. In addition, the child sometimes have hearing loss, limb paralysis and paresis, seizures.

If the cyst increases in size, intracranial pressure can raise. It happens because the skull is a constant amount, while the amount of tissue therein is increasing due to the cyst development. Increasing pressure is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, throbbing and fullness in the head, lethargy, constant drowsiness. In severe cases there is a discrepancy of bone joints may nezarastanie fontanelle, as a result of causes delays in mental and physical development of the child.

The treatment of a baby with cyst on brain

If the cyst was detected vascular plexus, then do not worry too much. Most often these are education themselves. Their presence does not affect the activity and development of the brain of the newborn. However, in this case, it is still necessary to determine the presence of infections, which might have caused the formation. After a few months baby with a cyst on brain should take an ultrasound again.

Baby with a cyst on brain of the subependiamic type also does not require specific treatment. Over time brain tissue comes back to normal, but must be constantly observed by a doctor. If such pathology was found, the baby should have an MRI several times a year. Such pathology can bring significant side effects. As the cyst cavity increases, the pressure of the liquid is also getting high. Which is a ad influence on the baby’s intracranial pressure.

Baby with a cyst on brain - is there a real danger?

A large-sized brain cyst in a newborn can press the surrounding tissues and squeeze them. Baby with a cyst on brain can experience seizures that have a progressive character. Also, neurological symptoms often present. In addition, a cyst in brain of a newborn may be complicated with hemorrhagic stroke.

Baby with a cyst on brain of arachnoid type requires special attention of the specialists. In this case, drastic action are necessary, because the cyst can not disappear by itself. Baby with a cyst on brain must be seen by a neurologist. According to the testimony he will assign surgery. To remove a cyst in the newborn brain endoscopic, microneurosurgical or bypass surgery are used.

Prognoses to a baby with a cyst on brain

In case of timely diagnosis, appropriate treatment, small size of the cyst and forecast is get good. If the cyst is growing rapidly in size, compresses the brain tissues, cerebrospinal fluid outflow breaks chances are more to the pretty severe consequences. The prognoses depend on the time and effectiveness of the surgical intervention.

A cyst on the brain of a newborn does not always have serious health consequences. It all depends on its type, size, location in the brain. Anyway, it is important to be observed at the competent expert who will be able to make the correct diagnosis and to monitor the cystic cavity.

A cyst on baby brain and baby ultrasound diagnostic

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