A cyst on baby brain and baby ultrasound diagnostic

July 11, 2019

Before the procedure of ultrasound examination was invented, no one knew that babies also have brain cysts, quite often, by the way. Now this diagnosis is made in every third child. This diagnostic method allows to detect a cyst on baby brain in time and take measures to save the newborn health.

A cyst on baby brain, which is a vial of fluid, can appear in any part of the brain. Sometimes it is diagnosed before the birth of the child. Moreover, sometimes there are several cyst, not one.

Causes of a cyst on baby brain

It is believed that if the brain cyst appeared when the child was still in the womb, it is safer to leave it and monitor. Like most cysts, the cyst on baby brainis most likely to pass itself.

The situation is different when the cyst occurs after the childbirth. In this case, we are talking about infections or various complications that have arisen during the childbirth. Sometimes the cause of the cyst on baby brainis the herpes virus.

If the blood flow in the ventricles of the brain is insufficient, the tissues begin to slowly die off. So the sub-perpendicular tumor is formed.

cerebral cyst on baby brain

There also can appear a cerebrospinal fluid cyst on baby brain. It is formed on any area and can have different shapes. The reasons for its appearance are still unknown.

In addition, meningitis, trauma, inflammation, bleeding can provoke dangerous tumors. In any case, it is necessary to monitor the brain cysts development. Because they can affect other parts of the brain, especially in case of their development and growth that can lead to irreversible consequences.


The easiest method of diagnosis is ultrasound diagnostics. This procedure is performed until fontanelle is closed. Th procedure is especially necessary for premature infants.

Ultrasound for newborns

The procedure makes it possible to evaluate intracranial structures without risks and great discomfort for the baby. And the first time after birth and early infancy are the time in life when it is especially important to carry out medical procedures, including diagnostic character, without risks and stress for the patient. During ultrasound x-rays are not used, and it does not require prolonged immobilization, as in the case of magnetic resonance imaging.

Ultrasound procedure evaluates the brain – its structure, differentiation, ventricular system, vascular plexus, fluid brain spaces and possible anomalies.

How is the ultrasound of the head of newborns?

The child may be in the hands of the parents during the procedure. Evaluation of the brain and its tissues is carried out using ultrasonic sensors applied to the anatomic holes in the skull of the newborn – fontanelle.

how goes the procedure of a cyst on baby brain ultrasound

Indications for head ultrasound of a newborn

  • – pathology in neurological examination
  • – anomalies in development
  • – prematurity
  • – birth trauma
  •  – hemorrhagic disease to the exclusion of intraventricular and intracerebral bleedings
  • – suspected hydrocephalus
  • – abnormal shape of the skull
  • – asymmetry of muscle tone (to exclude focal brain lesions – tumors, cysts, birth defects in the development of the brain)
  • – problems during pregnancy or childbirth
  • – suspected ischemic changes in the brain


There are no absolute contraindications.


In children with a small anterior fontanelle, a complete examination of the brain may be difficult or impossible.


cyst on baby brain surgery treatment

Treatment methods of a cyst on baby brain are determined only after the establishment of its type and cause.

Arachnoid cyst requires medical observation with using ultrasound and MRI. The cyst, as a rule, disappears itself, but the period of such observation and treatment can take up to a year.

Cerebral cyst requires timely treatment. In this case, the operation to remove the cyst is prescribed most often. Surgeons use endoscopic, shunting, microsurgical methods.

In various sources you can find information about the folk remedy treatment. There Dioscorea caucasica root and respiratory gymnastics are mentioned. However, these methods cannot be applied to young children. Therefore, it is better to consult a specialist.

It is worth noting that the occurrence of seizures in the child, the deterioration of the general condition may indicate that the brain cyst in the newborn begins to grow, affecting the adjacent areas. This is a direct indication for urgent hospitalization.

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