What to look after the operation ECx (pilonidal sinuses)

September 29, 2015


As we discovered earlier, after the operation ECX relapses. What are the different nuances after the surgery, which should be care during recovery? Now try to understand.

The First thing to remember – any questions about the operation of cyst of tailbone ask your doctor. Only he will decide what to do. Don’t listen to friends and acquaintances, even if they had been through a similar experience. The doctor will come specifically out of your case.

Many people believe that postoperative procedures by 90% to determine the success of the operation.Should carefully follow the hygiene. Especially in the first few days. Shower with baby soap, no hard pillows, no towels. It is extremely important not to damage the wound after surgery. Very carefully think about the dressings. In the early days you will do them experienced professionals, but there will come a time when your loved ones have to help you with this. Nutrition also plays a role in the recovery process. You cannot eat fatty, spicy and salty foods.
Of course, after surgery you will experience discomfort. From this nowhere to go. But along with the discomfort and pain will be. You will need painkillers. While at the hospital, with no problems. But when you write, you need to take care of it. Personally, I took the pills and felt good.

In General, and all. The foremost thing you should take from this article – hygiene. You should be very attentive to this issue.

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