What are anechoic cyst? Types of anechoic cyst

June 25, 2019

What is the “anchoic”? Let’s break the word into its component. Just get the following: en – denial, no; echo – sound; gene – educated inception. If all combine, you get “kind of education (inclusion) that are not able to reflect on the sound.” So anechoic cysts is the areas that can not be reflected on ultrasound and is has black color on ultrasound picture. Most often anechoic cysts in the ovary may be the corpus luteum of the ovary or follicular cyst. However, it is necessary to note one more thing. Kind of anechoic cysts can not be diagnosed on ultrasound.

Types of anechoic cysts

The most common cyst and other anechoic formation occur on the ovaries of young women due to fluid secretion congestion in the tissue. Cyst look like a bubble, which consists of one or more chambers with a liquid.

The transparent content, resembling water, can be diagnosed as a serous cyst. If consistency is more dense, it is dermoid cyst. Serous cyst is acquired, and dermoid cyst is most often of congenital.

Anechoic cyst content can be determined by a puncture.

anechoic cyst types

Remove or medical treatment

Everyone knows that in nature there can’t be void space. A cyst is a pathological “vacuum”, so the female body fills it with liquid. Thin cyst wall are made of cells that develop the fluid filling the cyst. Through the cyst fluid is growing steadily. If the growth is not rapid, it does not respond to the general health of the women, so there is no need to remove the tumor. Constant gynecologist’s supervision is enough.


If anechoic cyst continues to grow, it begins to affect the woman’s health. In this case the surgery is inevitably. The reasons to remove the anechoic cysts are:

  • risk of infection;
  • the cyst is the main cause of infertility;
  • spontaneous cysts resorption is not possible
  • increasing in its size;
  • some cysts may become malignant.

anechoic cyst treatment

If anechoic tumors in the ovary are found in women over the age of 50 years, they may be malignant. So do not postpone visiting the doctor for a long time, because it can be dangerous to health.

To prevent the occurrence of anechoic cysts women need to try to avoid colds and to treat inflammation of the pelvic organs in time.

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