Treatment of breast cysts folk remedies

October 4, 2015


The cyst breast is occurring inside the chest cavity, which is filled with liquid. This illness is common among young women. After menopause, cysts disappear on their own. Exceptions are cases where the fair sex is undergoing hormone replacement therapy. Overall, the disease is often caused by hormonal failure, but more about that later.

The cyst breast size from a few millimeters to several centimeters. Cysts occur as single or multiple. If you feel a cavity, you can be sure that it has a flat surface and do not move when you try to move it.

How dangerous cyst breast

itself breast cyst is not dangerous. However, if the infection penetrates into it, the cavity with fluid may begin to fester. Large cyst can cause deformation of the chest, causing discomfort and sometimes pain. It was noted that women with breast cysts are much more prone to the emergence of cancer.

The causes of the disease

This disease develops due to hormonal failure. And more specifically – due to a sharp and substantial increase in the concentration of male hormones estrogen. Such an increase in these hormones can be triggered by the following factors:

  • thyroid disease
  • inflammation of the urogenital system of the body
  • high psychological stress – regular fatigue, stress, depression

In addition, a fertile ground for the development of breast cysts creates prolonged use of hormonal contraceptives, mastitis, various operations on the chest as well as a large number of pregnancies.

The symptoms of breast cysts

Sometimes, the fair sex is not aware of a cyst in his breast before the medical examination. The cyst can absolutely not be felt. Sometimes a woman disturbing feeling of discomfort emanating from the chest, and the emergence of pulling pain. Particularly acute symptoms before the onset of critical days.

These symptoms are due to an increase in the amount of cysts. Expanding, she presses on adjacent tissue to her.

especially large cyst woman able to discover on their own. Typically, such a cyst is easily groped.

Treatment of breast cysts traditional medicines

Treatment with hypericum infusion

The aqueous extract of St. John’s wort in the treatment of cysts of the breast used to compress.

The recipe for this brew at home the following:

  1. Take 20 grams of pre-dried herb St. John’s wort
  2. fill her cup of boiling water
  3. more cover liquid container lid and let it stand until until the vehicle does not become warm
  4. then it is ready for use

Make a tincture, soak in the resulting fluid folded several times gauze and apply it to the affected breast. Leave the compress on the quarter hour. Every day spend such a procedure.

Treatment with burdock root

  1. first dig the root of a large mug
  2. then crush it, rubbed on a grater
  3. continue to fill the resulting feedstock boiling water in a ratio of 1 to 20, of course, 20 units must occur in the boiling water
  4. then leave to infuse medication for three hours
  5. After this time, strain the cure
  6. drink it three times a day, one at the middle portions of the throat before each meal

The treatment with the broth gentian large

Because of this herb like gentian krupnolistaya necessary to make the broth, and then use the proceeds for daily lotions against breast cysts.

Treatment with alcohol tincture of walnut shells

  1. 15 separate shell walnuts and place it in a jar of 500 ml
  2. then pour the vodka into a jar to the brim
  3. then leave to infuse the drug for a week
  4. After this time, strain the drug
  5. drink it in the morning on an empty stomach one middle portions of the throat

Treatment with melilot

Make a water infusion of grass clover medicinal as it was painted for St. John’s wort. The resulting infusion moisten folded several times gauze and apply it to the affected breast quarter of an hour. Do these packs every day.

Treatment with beet compresses

  1. on a fine grater rub beets 200 grams
  2. heat the resulting mass by means of a water bath
  3. and then add the two tablespoons of vinegar 9 percent
  4. All mix thoroughly and apply evenly to the resulting material folded several times gauze
  5. apply gauze to the patient chest
  6. secure a compress using a bandage and leave it on all night
  7. the morning after will remove the compress, wrap the affected chest warm woolen scarf

If you are suffering from a cyst, breast cancer, be sure to protect yourself from any use of essential oils, as they contribute to the enhanced production of estrogen.

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