Thyroid nodules symptoms – 7 things to pay attention. Thyroid nodules complications, prognosis and prevention.

October 5, 2020

The nodes and cysts develop asymptomatically for a long time. They don’t cause any specific feelings in patients. They are usually painless and small, cause no discomfort or pressure in the neck. Noticeable thyroid nodules symptoms usually occur only in large tumors. Small knots and thyroid cysts are often detected during routine examinations for other diseases. Palpably they are defined as smooth, thick and elastic, easily felt under the skin.

Patients usually approach endocrinologist when the formation becomes visible to the eye and distorts the neck. By this time, the size of the nodes or cysts in thyroid gland is already more than 1,5inches in diameter and can not be treated conservatively.

That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to any little discomfort in neck. As the size of the node formation grows, compression appears. In this case anatomically related structures of the neck are affected. There appear typical thyroid nodules symptoms. Patients complain of the feeling of ‘lump’ and sore throat, difficulties with swallowing and/ or breathing, hoarseness or loss of voice, pain in neck.

Thyroid nodules symptoms of the large tumor are more dangerous and severe. The formations can press on blood vessels tightly. And it gives several non-specific symptoms. For instance, since the nodule is in neck, it difficults blood circulation and cause dizziness. In the presence of malignant nodules cervical lymph nodes increase.

Independent toxic components due to their hyperactivity give more non-specific thyroid nodule symptoms. As they lead to the development of hyperthyroidism, the symptoms are tachycardia, hot flushes in the body, excitement, emotional lability, exophthalmos.

Pain a neck is a thyroid nodule symptom.


The single node, located among the normal thyroid tissue relates to cancer more often than one of the multiple ones appearing together. Malignant nodes usually show rapid growth, have firm texture and are often accompanied with enlarging cervical lymph nodes. It can also be considerate one of the thyroid node symptoms. But still, it is very difficult to recognise the nodes at the early stages.

Complications of thyroid nodules and cysts

Noticing thyroid nodules symptoms and visiting a doctor who’ll keep you under observation in time, is the only way to get proper treatment and, what more, avoid serious thyroid nodules complications.

The complications can be different. The cyst of the thyroid gland may be a subject of various inflammations and suppurations. And not only it is harmful for health. It also causes sharp pain in the neck, sometimes unbearable.

Among other thyroid nodules complication specialists figure out fever, symptoms of intoxication, local lymph nodes enlarging, and more inflammations.

The thyroid nodules symptom of the larger tumors, which is pressure put on nearby organs and vessels of the neck, is another dangerous thyroid nodule complication.

And when the situation goes very bad, the nodules can turn into malignant tumors. And it is followed by all cancer problems. Which are hard and long treatment, a risk of incurable case are among them, for example.

What are prognosis for thyroid nodules?

Tissues enlarging in neck is one of the thyroid cyst symptoms.

The prognosis of thyroid nodules is determined by the nodule histological form. When the formation is benign the nodules and cysts are mostly fully recovered. But one should know thyroid cysts can reoccur again. And each case can be different in its difficulty and prognosis. That’s why regular examination is required after the tumor appeared once.

What for thyroid cancer, it’s not a common thing in the patients with the nodules. Besides, even when it comes to malignancy (without metastasis), the rate of successfully treated cases is high enough. There are 70-80% of the fully treated tumors. But once the cancer appears, we should be aware and monitor it carefully for metastasis.

Prevention of the nodules

Thyroid nodules prevention methods can’t give 100% insurance the tumors won’t appear. But it can reduce the risks. What can one do to prevent the nodules? First of all, watch sufficient amount of vitamins, especially iodine. Check the daily amount necessary and consult your doctor whether you should take the supplements.

Among other methods to prevent thyroid nodules and reduce the risks, one can avoid sun exposure and get physiotherapy to the neck.

Thyroid cyst lumps and knots.

Thyroid nodules prevention should also include regular US once a year. Especially patients with the small knots and tumors of any kind in the past.
Thyroid nodules diagnosis. Thyroid nodules treatment. Things to be aware.
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