The pineal gland. Secrets of the “third eye”

November 7, 2015

The pineal gland. Secrets of the "third eye"

The pineal gland, otherwise known as the pineal gland, is the upper appendage of the brain, located in the very center (directly related to the intermediate brain). Its function has still not fully understood, it is known that it is necessary to support various life processes.

The pineal gland: the main function

Careful study of the pineal gland only began in the sixties of the twentieth century. It was found that it produces two hormones: serotonin (in the afternoon), stimulating activity and emotional tone, and melatonin (at night), a calming effect on the body. Among other things, melatonin prolongs fertility and reproductive period when increases, then elongates and shelf life. Numerous experiments carried out on mice and monkeys have confirmed that melatonin is able to slow down the body’s aging process.

The pineal gland: activation of the “third eye”

Today, many scientists do not speak about the physiological importance of the pineal gland, and that he is the link between two worlds: the spiritual and the physical. The pineal gland, in their opinion, is the “third eye”, giving psychic abilities. The merit of this function – contained in the epiphysis mineral cells (so-called sand brain) consisting of a colloid impregnated salts of magnesium and calcium. Researchers believe that these “grains of sand” may take non-electromagnetic radiation. It has been hypothesized that provide thinking itself matter of the brain is not capable, it requires an external source, whom speak of cosmic radiation which are removed by the pineal gland. The images that the pineal gland receives more than go through the various brain structures, and then translated along the optic nerve to the retina. This image has nothing to do with what we see in front of him really. On the contrary, you should close your eyes to fix the resulting image. Activating the pineal gland leads to inspiration, “flash”, helping to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Sometimes, the condition may be accompanied by a change of consciousness, or trance.

The parietal organ of

Many people think that the “third eye” is on the forehead. In fact, if there is one, it is only at the crown. Everyone knows that newborns soft parietal region, since the bones of the skull have not yet grown together in this place. However it revealed that in adults can occur thinning of the bones in the head as a result of constant meditation. It is believed that the structure of the brain changes that facilitated the penetration of cosmic energy. You may notice that the Buddha is often depicted with a bump covered with hair on his head. Ostensibly because meditation brain increases and rises above the crown. The more concentrated a person thinks, the more intense his thinking, the more shot. Perhaps because of these postulates, and it takes its name from the pineal gland. Evidence suggests that in ancient times people are aware of the epiphysis and its amazing properties.

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