What is an eye cyst? Types of conjunctival cystic diseases.

August 28, 2019

Benign cystic formations on an eye is a large group of diseases. Сommon feature of eye cysts (or conjunctival cysts) is the appearance of a limited or diffuse nodule in the eye area.

This formation is a transparent membrane filled with liquid content. Covering their conjunctival epithelium is not changed.

The eye cyst can have a form a distinct tumor or a diffuse form with fuzzy boundaries. They can grow out of the conjunctiva or develop under the conjunctiva.

Eye cyst depending on its type may appear at different parts of an eye area. It  can be a cyst on eyeball or eyelids from the eye side (eyelid mucosa). Cystyc tumors are also possible on other parts in eye area. Could it be the conjunctiva of the eye, a compound tissues, the bends, sickle-shaped fold and the tear muscle.

The tumor of the eye can be formed from the epithelium of the conjunctiva, can be a papilloma, granulomas, congenital tumors associated with developmental disorders in the embryonic period, dermoid cysts, liposarcoma, Bitota spots, cyst on eyeball or eyelid and even acne. Also it can be caused by fever pterygium disease. The mechanisms of these tumors appearance and development are very different. Conjunctival cyst can also occur as a result of eye surgery. For example, after procedures against glaucoma.

Eye cyst can be a congenital disease, and develop at any time of life.

How common is an eye cyst?

Benign ophthalmic tumors or eye cysts are a common clinical problem. Every year, 1 in 2,500 ophthalmological patients seeks medical attention because of the cyst on eyeball or on eyelid.

Fortunately, according to the same statistics we can say that in this group benign eye cysts are three times more common than malignant ophthalmic tumors.

Types of eye cysts

Papillomapapilloma eye cyst symptoms

Conjunctival papilloma is usually caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) subtypes 6 and 11. Such papillomas are also called pedunculated or «on the leg». This virus also causes the development of warts on the skin.

This type of papilloma is more common in children and adolescents. The pedunculares eye cyst is often formed in the lower fold conjunctival bag. However, you may also get the sickle-shaped fold or tear the muscle.

Pedunculated eye papilloma can have many lesions. These formations on the skin and mucous membranes can appear in multiple quantities simultaneously, especially in HIV-infected patients.

Less often conjunctival papillomas appear as a result of infection with the virus of the same HPV, but subtypes 16 and 18. This papilloma of a flat base. On their surface there are red dots. They are more dangerous, as they can turn into malignant tumors.

Such cysts eye often found in the ocular conjunctiva of the limbus of the cornea.

A sign of the transformation, when benign conjunctival cyst turns into a malignant one, is the appearance of an inflammatory reaction in the tumor area. The other characteristic feature of malignant changes in the eye cyst is the appearance of dull whitish bumps on the surface of the eye, which is accurate outlines and borders.


Granulomas are papules (nodules of tissue) consisting of inflammatory cells. This files most often encountered in the limbus of the cornea. And the most common cause of such an eye cyst is a response to the sutures after the surgery.

Sarcoidosis is a disease that causes the formation of multiple granulomas in the eye or thyroid gland.


Fatty eye cysts are usually found on the both visual organs simultaneously. Often on both sides of the cornea in the limbic area on the temporal and nasal sides. Fortunately, the disease is quite rare.

Liposarcoma eye cyst symptoms look like

This type of conjunctival cyst is characterized by the fact that over time its cells turn into adipose tissue. Liposarcoma can form in different parts of the body on soft tissues.

Liposarcoma of the eye is usually yellow or gray-white. Sometimes it may be accompanied by inflammatory reactions. In this case, the fatty cyst of the eye becomes pink.


Keratoma eye cyst eye cyst

The appearance of ulcers on the eye cornea, often associated with infection. Occurs as a result of the lack of moisture in the eye (tears) and the appearance of Bito spots. These spots occur on the temporal and nasal sides of the eye. The main cause of the disease is malnutrition, in particular vitamin A deficiency.

Hemangioma of the eye

Hemangioma of the eye cyst

Capillary hemangiomas are benign tumors that occur in blood vessels. These tumors can bleed on their own or as a result of even minor exposure.

This disease can be a cyst on eyeball or eyelid. It is a pathological vascular plexus.


oncocitoma eye cyst

Oncocytoma is a cyst of the eye that occurs and develops in the lacrimal gland. A rare disease associated with blockage of the lacrimal gland.

This eye cyst is most common in the elderly.

Oncocytoma is a red-brown slowly growing nodule.

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