Ways of ovarian cyst treatment. Medication to dissolve ovarian cysts, surgery, natural remedies for ovarian cyst.

August 28, 2019

Most often ovarian cyst formation is a cavity full of liquid. What more, very often there is no need for special ovarian cyst treatment. Because they dissolve themselves in some weeks or months. In this case only regular examinations are necessary. As a rule, medical ultrasound is required. Sometimes doctors can also prescribe some medication to dissolve ovarian cysts. They are usually hormonal medications.

Only in cases when there is a risk of ovarian cyst bursts or twists, or such complications has already occurred the surgery remove is done. The need to held surgery treatment also depends on the size of the cyst and its type. As well as on the level of discomfort it brings to the patient.

What is the best option of ovarian cyst treatment 

Do not engage in self-treatment, only doctor can hold a proper ovarian cyst treatment.

Once you notice one of the ovarian cyst symptomsyou need to undergo a medical ultrasound. After that, the specialist will make a diagnosis of the degree and type of the formation. According to it the doctor prescribes appropriate therapy.

The type of the tumor also determines the recommendations that the specialist gives.

Medications to dissolve ovarian cysts

ovarian cyst treatment - contraceptives are the medication to dissolve ovarian cyst

In the presence of follicular ovarian cysts and the formations of the corpus luteum, the doctor prescribe medication to dissolve ovarian cysts. That allow to get rid of the cysts without surgery.

The most common treatment for these kinds of ovarian cysts are taking hormonal drugs. The doctor prescribes medications to dissolve ovarian cysts of these kinds. As a rule the patients take contraceptives.

The main advantage of such ovarian cyst treatment is the ability to prevent unwanted pregnancy along with resorption of the cyst. They allow to control and normalize menstrual cycle, reduce pain during periods.

Besides, the medicines to dissolve ovarian cysts can also help to strengthen the woman’s hair and nails and health in general.

For reducing the pain and discomfort while medicine treatment course, the doctor can also prescribe painkillers.

To upgrade the immune system, that can also be the part of the treatment, the patients should take vitamins (A, E, B6 and C). Besides, the women should keep the diet that provides with foods rich in useful nutrients. Carrots, seafood, fresh fruit are recommended.

Surgical removal – laparoscopy

laparoscopy is the widespread method of ovarian cyst treatment

If the cyst tumor has a dermoid, paraovarian, endometrial or mucinous character, surgery is always performed. Most often laparoscopy is performed.

With the help of a special device, the liquid is removed from the area of formation. During the process, the ovary is not injured, so rehabilitation takes place quickly and without any consequences.

After the laparoscopy surgery the woman must visit the gynecologist once a year in order to ensure the recovery is going in a right way or to timely detect the cyst relapse.

Natural remedies for ovarian cyst treatment

Although natural remedies for ovarian cysts treatment are not recommended, some people prefere them.

These methods can be useful for functional cyst (follicular type or corpus luteum cyst). But only to relieve pain and the symptoms. Remember, disappeared symptoms is not the sign of the healthy organs and gone disease!

Besides, before using natural remedies for ovarian cyst treatment, it is necessary to carefully study the attached instructions. Because there is the risk of allergic reactions to the components. And the situation will only get worse. What more it is better to consult the doctor about it anyway.

Calendula and honey

natural remedies for ovarian cyst treatment

Most often, the patients are recommended this one of the natural remedies for ovarian cyst treatment:

  • 100 ml of celandine juice
  • 200 g of honey
  • 50 drops of propolis tincture

All the components should be mixed. This is one of the most popular natural remedies for ovarian cyst treatment, because, among other things, it can be stored in the fridge.

Burdock juice

There is one more useful things among natural remedies for ovarian cyst treatment (relieving the pain and the symptoms). 2 tablespoons of fresh burdock juice also help to quickly get rid of the cyst. In winter, the patients can use decoction of the dried plants.

For the recipe are also necessary a glass of hot boiled water.

Add 2 tablespoons of the burdock juice to the water and decoct for 60 minutes in a dark place.

It is necessary to use the folk medicine for 50 milliliters up to 4 times a day.

The mixture should be taken before eating. A teaspoon three times a day.

The authors of the recipe warn that during course of the treatment with decoction, be sure to consult a doctor. As the cyst may become inflamed.

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