Epidermal cyst

October 30, 2015


Epidermal cyst is a spherical entity which is made up of the epithelium of the hair follicle and the epidermis. This cyst located on the face, scalp, neck, chest and scrotum. Epidermal cyst can be both benign and malignant character.

The main cause of epidermal cyst is a blockage of the hair follicle, increased production of sebum and horny masses filling the cavity.

This type of cyst is a node pinkish color with a diameter of 2 to 5 cm, covered with a network of dilated capillaries.

The causes and symptoms of epidermal cysts

Sometimes the pores of the epidermal cysts become darker and become dilated. Inside the cyst is a thick pasty yellow hue.

If a cyst gets to a bacterial infection, the inflammatory process begins, accompanied by a seal cysts and severe pain.

Epidermal cyst larger size can put pressure on the structure of the brain, causing problems with vision, headaches, weakness, irritability, and lack of balance. These symptoms are similar to symptoms of various tumors and brain tumors. Some types of epidermal cysts can lead to meningitis.

Types of epidermal cysts

Epidermal cyst has several types, which differ in structure, clinical manifestations, and complications. The most frequently found in patients atheroma, which is a cyst of skin located on the face, hands, neck and genitals. Atheroma can be both single and multiple character. It is the formation of tumor-type round shape with a soft consistency. The skin around the atheroma has a yellowish or reddish tinge, and the surrounding tissues are painless. This cyst may remain in the same size or increase gradually, rising above the surface of the skin. Often epidermal cyst tends to suppuration and inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue.

Diagnosis of the disease

Cystic tumor epidermal type diagnosed by magnetic resonance imaging scan of the brain or by computed tomography.

If epidermal cyst located in the brain, the pituitary conduct research area and auditory canals to get the details of the status of the tumor and to choose the right method of treatment.

Treatment of epidermal cysts

In most cases, epidermal cyst is treated by surgical removal. If the cyst is close to important structures of the brain, its complete removal is not possible. Neurosurgeon spends intermediate removal of the cyst, and for several years carried out regular magnetic resonance imaging to rule out recurrence of the disease.

The main treatment of epidermal cyst is a malignant type of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Atheroma small, asymptomatic and does not require surgery. By increasing the size of the brush prescribe surgery under local anesthesia.

Epidermal cyst, which is located on the outside of the skin, is removed for 15-20 minutes. After the introduction of novocaine and other painkillers the doctor performs an incision in the center of the cyst and remove its contents with the capture of the capsule, and then scrape the cavity and cleans the skin.

When relapse epidermal cysts appoint repeated surgical intervention.

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