Rupture of ovarian cysts: symptoms, treatment, consequences

November 4, 2015


In recent years, more and more of the fair sex have to deal with a diagnosis of “ovarian cyst”. What should I do in this case? How to cure a disease? And maybe you yourself put yourself this frightening diagnosis? It should be as detailed as possible to sort out these issues.

Ovarian cyst

ovarian cyst in women – the so-called build-up, which has clear walls and the contents. Form boundaries and contents differ depending on the type of tumor. Medicine are several types of cysts. They are all different from each other and divided into two categories:

  • functional education;
  • nonfunctional tumors.

Functional cysts

This subspecies formations are tumors that do not require medical intervention. However, they should be monitored. Usually there are two subspecies of functional entities.

Flollikulyarnaya cyst

There is such a tumor as a result of strong growth of the follicle, which did not open at the time and did not release an egg. In this case, it becomes large, physicians called cyst. Removal of ovarian cyst in this case is not required, as she disappeared with the advent of a new cycle.

Lyuteiniovaya cyst

This type of education can be seen in the second phase of the female cycle. From ruptured follicle after the release of the egg, a so-called corpus luteum. It is necessary to maintain pregnancy in the case of occurrence. It is necessary to observe the behavior of a tumor, as can occur rupture cyst corpus luteum of the ovary. But, fortunately, it’s pretty rare, usually education resolves on its own within a few cycles.

Non-functional cysts

This type of education always requires some medical correction, as it can lead to disastrous consequences. The following types of cysts.

Dermoid tumor

The content of education can be any human tissues: teeth, hair, nails and others. She has to form during the period of the girls in the womb. With age, education grows and grows in size.


This is a hormone-dependent cyst. It develops as a result of endometriosis – female hormonal disease. The contents of the cyst is predominantly dark-colored blood. That is why such education is also called chocolate cysts.


This type of education may seem malignant. That is why doctors prescribe the patient additional examinations when such detection. Such a cyst as well as dermoid, formed during the formation of organs and bones of the embryo.


This type of tumor is the most dangerous of all. It has cancerous cells that can be lethal. In this case shows an unconditional removal of an ovarian cyst.

The causes of ovarian cyst rupture

Damage to the walls of the tumors on the ovary called a rupture. Damage may occur due to strong overvoltage during exercise.

It is also an occasion for the damage cysts may be too active sexual intercourse.

Getting injured genitals or lower abdomen can also cause damage to the walls of the cyst.

The gap ovarian cysts: Symptoms

Do not see tumor rupture is quite difficult, because at the time of tissue damage a woman usually feels pain. It is said that each brush to break its walls may produce different symptoms.

For example, the gap follicular cysts accompanied by aching, which concentrate mainly on one side of the abdomen, and can give the rectum. In addition to these symptoms a woman may complain of headache and slight fever.

When damaged walls of the corpus luteum observed a bright picture. Rupture of ovarian cysts symptoms are as follows: growing pains in the lower abdomen, extending at rest. Nausea or vomiting that does not bring relief. Pain is particularly pronounced during sexual contact.

When the non-functional structures break their contents poured into the abdominal cavity, which in itself is a very dangerous and gives a woman unbearable pain. It may also raise the body temperature to 38 degrees and above. The patient may experience dizziness up to unconsciousness.

When a strong internal bleeding decrease in blood pressure. In the center of the abdomen, around the navel and the bottom of the peritoneum can be viewed bluish hue line. It can see the accumulated blood through the skin.


The gap ovarian cyst symptoms can be sufficiently lubricated. Quite often they can be confused with colic, appendicitis and even acute glaucoma attack.

First of all, the doctor must examine the patient on the gynecological chair and note the size of the genitals. Furthermore, it can be assigned to conduct inspection using an ultrasonic sensor, the screen of which the doctor will determine the size of an ovarian cyst, its location and examine the integrity of its walls. If you find damage to the structure of education there is a suspicion on his break. Also an expert can detect fluid in the space behind the uterus. In this case for further diagnosis can be assigned to a puncture. It is held on a regular chair without the use of anesthesia. The patient through the back wall of the vagina sharp needle is introduced, which take the contents of the abdominal cavity.

In the case where the suspicions are confirmed, the patient shows immediate medical correction.

The gap ovarian cysts: treatment

It should be noted that the treatment depends on the severity of symptoms and the type of damaged education. After a thorough examination and diagnosis of the doctor decides on the method of correction. It can be of two types:

  • conservative treatment methods;
  • surgery.

The conservative methods

This type of correction is used when symptoms of ovarian cyst rupture is not very pronounced. Usually this happens when damaged functional entities, in particular, follicular cysts.

The patient was prescribed bed rest and a cold compress on the lower abdomen. It is also possible to use anti-inflammatory therapy. Acceptance of pain medication in this case is not recommended, as the pain may worsen, pathology require surgery, and the patient does not feel.

It is also possible appointment of a woman receiving a course of oral contraceptives for the correction of the level of sexual hormones.

The conservative treatment of cysts rupture should be carried out strictly within the walls of the hospital. There is every minute, doctors will monitor the status of women and to carry out appropriate testing. If the positive dynamics of the patient may be discharged within a few days.

Surgical methods

If a woman diagnosed with “non-functional ovarian cyst”, the operation in this case is inevitable. What to speak of when it exploded education. If damaged the walls and the outpouring of the contents of the cyst should immediately carry out surgery.

There are two types of surgery:

  • laparotomy;
  • laparoscopy.

The choice of treatment depends on the capabilities of the medical establishment, the available equipment and the severity of disease.


If burst ovarian cyst, laparotomy surgery is performed on an emergency basis. The patient with the help of general anesthesia is administered into a deep sleep with a scalpel and cut the lower part of the abdomen. Dissection usually carried out in a horizontal line, although in some cases, may be vertical.

Once this doctor examines the damaged areas, and resection of the ovary, removing the pathological education. Further purification is carried out on the contents of the abdomen ruptured tumor and sewn layered abdominal wall.

Once the treatment a woman should remain in the hospital for two to three weeks. After discharge, it is recommended for several months to comply with the necessary rules and do not overwork.


If at medical institutions have the opportunity and the necessary instruments for laparoscopy, it has the advantage of this method of correction. With it removed all the damaged ovarian cyst. The operation is performed under general anesthesia.

The doctor makes a woman’s peritoneum in several small incisions through which introduces manipulators. Also in the stomach of the patient is injected with a flashlight camera that transmits everything on the big screen. By this method the doctor sees all of their actions and neatly excised the damaged area of ​​the ovary.

Once this operation the woman can be discharged in a week. By normal life can return in a month.


Following the surgery the patient is a further conservative correction. Appointed receiving antibacterial agents, anti-inflammatory and pain medications. If necessary, possible hormonal agents.

Also, the doctor may recommend vitamins, and immunomodulators.

When you delete woman carcinoma radiation therapy and chemical preparations for the relief of the spread of cancer cells.


If ignored ovarian cyst rupture, the consequences could be irreparable. A woman can get strong pain shock and even die from blood loss. Also, when much neglected, it may be necessary to completely remove the ovary. This reduces the chances of a subsequent pregnancy.

Also, the gap cyst becomes a trigger for the formation of adhesions in the abdominal cavity. This phenomenon can also lead to infertility and severe pain in the lower abdomen.

If the damaged tumor is detected on time and done the necessary treatment, the woman has all the chances to live a full life, to plan and have children. That is why it is so important to see a doctor in time.

To avoid cyst rupture, need time to reveal its presence. Visit the doctor at least twice a year, pass the necessary examinations and pass designated tests. Only in this way you will be able to maintain their health and prevent rupture of an ovarian cyst.

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