Cyst of the pineal gland: causes, symptoms, treatment

October 12, 2015


The cyst of the pineal gland – a rare phenomenon. Statistics show that such disturbance is diagnosed only in 1.5% of cases with brain diseases. A cyst is a thick formation, which may eventually grow in size. However, this disease is rarely lead to dangerous complications and in most cases does not require any specific treatment.

What is the pineal gland

The pineal gland or epiphysis, represents only a small part of the brain. Unfortunately, to date, the function of this area is not yet fully understood. Nonetheless, it is proven that it is synthesized melatonin, which affects the hypothalamo-pituitary system. In addition, the secret of this gland is responsible for the synchronization of biorhythms of the human body, for example, normalizes sleep and wakefulness. In addition, secreted by the pineal gland substances can inhibit the synthesis of growth hormones, slow the growth and development of tumors. It is believed that this part of the brain has a direct impact on the processes of puberty, and is responsible for the normal operation of the immune system. Cyst of the pineal gland in varying degrees affects all of its functions. Sometimes the symptoms of her invisible, whereas in other cases, the presence of cysts leads to serious consequences.

The cyst of the pineal gland and causes the formation

Even with the help of modern methods of diagnosis it is not always possible to find out why in the epiphysis appeared benign. However, there are two common reasons:

  • cyst often occurs as a result of violations of the outflow of melatonin. In this case, the secret is accumulated in the iron, gradually forming a solid neoplasm.
  • In addition, the cyst may be the result of a parasitic disease. For example, to this result causes hydatid disease. Penetrating inside the gland, the larva tapeworm forms a protective shell around themselves, which are allocated all of its metabolic products. Thus, a seal, eventually turns into a cyst.

The pineal gland – a cyst and its symptoms

In most cases, the cyst does not cause any symptoms. Only sometimes patients complain of headaches. In addition, when the eye-rolling up may be a pain. Symptoms include double vision, and as well as drowsiness. Unfortunately, in some cases, the pineal gland cyst can grow and put pressure on the surrounding nerve tissue, and important centers of the brain. Growth of tumors can lead to the development of dropsy of the brain in which the stagnation of liquor.

Pineal gland cyst treatment and diagnostics

The most common cyst is found by chance during magnetic resonance imaging. As for the treatment, everything depends on the nature of the disease and its causes. If the formation of a cyst caused by echinococcosis, the doctor prescribes the reception of special preparations. In those cases, if the disease is asymptomatic, and the tumor is not growing in size, you can do without treatment – need only be inspected once a year. If the cyst is growing and pressing on adjacent brain regions, it is appropriate to its surgical removal.

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