Cyst brain in newborns

October 10, 2015


A cyst in the newborn brain is a mass lesion in the brain. It is a spherical cavity, which is filled with liquid and stored at the site of dead nervous tissue. Formation of cysts can occur in any area of ​​the brain. Furthermore, this formation may be single or plural. We should not forget that the cyst is not a tumor formation.

The causes of cysts

There are several types of such entities.

  1. The cyst vascular plexus can be diagnosed even during fetal development. In such a situation there is no reason for premature concern, because such education may well disappear on their own. This phenomenon is normal, because it can appear at a certain stage of pregnancy.
  2. The formation of cysts in the later stages, after the birth of a child into the world, is often the consequence of fetal infection. It is also possible as a result of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Often leads to the formation of cysts of the herpes virus.
  3. A more serious pathology is subependymal cysts. It requires a special monitoring of developments. The cause of this education is often insufficient blood circulation in the area of ​​the brain ventricles. As a result of lack of oxygen tissues die, and in their place can form the cavity.
  4. Another pathology associated with the brain, or rather his arachnoid – this arachnoid cysts. This formation may have different shapes and sizes, it is formed in various brain regions. Until now, the exact cause of this type of cyst is not set.
  5. In children, the cyst may be the consequence of meningitis or other inflammatory processes. Often such formations are formed as a result of trauma or hemorrhage. The most common cyst is not embedded in the brain ventricles. However, keep in mind that in most cases, this education continues to grow, so after a while it becomes more and begins to compress the surrounding areas of the brain.

Symptoms of brain cysts

The symptoms of this disease determines the location of the cystic cavity in the brain. For example, if it is localized in the occipital region, it causes damage to the optic nerve. As a result, there are all kinds of visual impairment – these include reduced visual, double vision, feeling mist before his eyes.

If the cyst is present in the tissues of the cerebellum, the main manifestations are in the coordination of movements and gait, giddiness.

The localization of cysts in the Turkish saddle near the pituitary gland provokes disturbance to the functioning of the endocrine system – they can manifest as delayed sexual and physical development.

In addition, the child sometimes have hearing loss, limb paralysis and paresis, seizures. If the cyst increases in size, can be raised intracranial pressure – due to the fact that the skull is a constant amount, while the amount of tissue therein is increasing. Increasing pressure is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, throbbing and fullness in the head, lethargy, constant drowsiness. In severe cases there is a discrepancy of bone joints may nezarastanie fontanelle, as a result of causes delays in mental and physical development of the child.


In the first year of life as a primary diagnostic method used ultrasound or cranial ultrasonography. This period of time is considered the most favorable as fontanelles still not healed, the bones of the skull is not closed, and it provides a sufficiently high efficiency of research.

screening tests administered to preterm infants and newborns after a hard pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, the indication for ultrasound, a fetal hypoxia.

To obtain more precise information on the location, size and shape of a cystic cavity, used magnetic resonance or computed tomography.

The treatment and the effects of brain cysts

If the cyst was detected vascular plexus, then do not worry too much. Most often these are education themselves. Their presence does not affect the activity and development of the brain of the newborn. However, in this case, it is still necessary to determine the presence of infections, which cause the formation. After a few months it will take repeated an ultrasound.

Subependiamalnaya cyst of the brain in infants does not require specific treatment. Brain tissue over time, come back to normal, but must be constantly observed by a doctor. In the event that such pathology was found, several times a year will have to do an MRI. During such a pathology can be quite beneficial, though not excluded, and significant effects – this is possible when the cystic cavity increases and it increases the pressure of the liquid.

The large-sized cyst in the newborn can change the position of the surrounding tissue and squeeze them. The child is seen seizures that have a progressive character. Also, often picking up neurological symptoms observed deterioration of general condition. In addition, this process may be complicated by hemorrhagic stroke.

In particular attention needs arachnoid cysts – in this case, is already required to take drastic action because it can not disappear by itself. A child who has been diagnosed with a defect in brain development, must be seen by a neurologist.

According to the testimony he will be assigned to surgery. To remove a cyst in the newborn brain is used one of the existing methods – endoscopic, microneurosurgical or bypass surgery.


In the case of timely diagnosis, appropriate treatment, the small size of the cyst and the absence of its growth forecast is more favorable. If the cyst is growing rapidly in size, compresses the brain tissue, cerebrospinal fluid outflow breaks, chances are pretty severe consequences – in this case the forecast is slightly worse, it depends on the timeliness and effectiveness of surgical intervention.

The cyst of the brain in infants does not always have serious health consequences – it all depends on its type, size, location in the brain. In any case, it is important to be observed at the competent expert who will be able in time to make the correct diagnosis and to monitor the cystic cavity. There are situations where no surgery is impossible to cope with this problem, so if necessary, can not abandon the operation.

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