Arachnoid cysts of the brain

October 9, 2015


Brush called a bubble, which is filled with liquid. Arachnoid cysts of the brain has received such name in the location – this formation is localized in the arachnoid membrane of the brain. It is formed after cleavage or formation of a so-called pocket soft lining of the brain. This formation is filled with fluid which circulates in the brain.

It should be noted that the cyst – a fairly common phenomenon. According to statistics, about 4% of people faced with such entities. In most cases, the cysts are small in size, are not associated with any symptoms, and therefore do not require special treatment. The most common cysts occur in men, and such a diagnosis often pose as adults – this is due to the fact that early diagnosis is difficult due to the lack of characteristic features of this education.

Types of arachnoid cysts

All cysts this type can be divided into primary and secondary. By the appearance of the primary formations lead anomaly in the development of the meninges of the fetus – the reason for this may be the toxins, drugs, radiation and other negative factors. Secondary cysts may appear on the background of various diseases – it could be meningitis, a complication of brain injury, agenesis of the corpus callosum. Often such formations formed after surgery for bruises, mechanical damage of the meninges, the shaking.
You need to know that there is also retrotserebellyarnaya arachnoid cysts in the brain. This formation is also benign, it looks like a bubble filled with liquid. But if arachnoid cysts forming liquor, then retrotserebellyarnoe education formed in the place of dead areas of gray matter.

Retrotserebellyarnaya cyst is often the result of stroke, encephalitis, cerebrovascular insufficiency. It can also occur without symptoms, but if the arachnoid cysts are not always in need of treatment, the retrotserebellyarnaya without adequate medical care could result in the destruction of the brain.

From the histological point of view of all arachnoid cysts are cerebrospinal fluid can be divided into simple and complex. A simple cyst lining cells capable of active likvoproduktsii, while the cyst wall having a complex structure, may contain ependymal, glial, and other tissues.

Symptoms of arachnoid cysts

Symptoms of the disease either does not manifest itself, or found in a fairly young age – up to twenty years. Signs of this formation observed in 20% of cases of the disease, but most often they are associated with the manifestations of secondary hydrocephalus.

The size and location of the cyst affects the nature and severity of symptoms of the disease, so in some cases, the diagnosis can be difficult. Often there is a headache, nausea, ataxia, hemiparesis, convulsive disorders and hallucinations. The patient may feel a sense in my head, “fullness”, in some cases also appear ripples. In addition, patients often complain of tinnitus, sometimes there is a hearing loss, visual disturbances, double vision, appearance of spots before the eyes.

You may also see an imbalance, signs of symptomatic epilepsy and symptoms of partial leg paresis or rugi. Also arachnoid cysts of the brain may cause numbness in any part of the body.

Diagnostics arachnoid cysts

With the help of proper and timely diagnosis experts can begin on time of adequate treatment education. Performing magnetic resonance imaging reveals the place of localization of cysts in the brain, as well as determine the size of education.

The study of the brain using intravenous contrast material makes it possible to make a correct diagnosis, since in contrast to the tumor cyst does not accumulate contrast.

Doppler ultrasound, which allows you to explore the vessels of the head and neck, makes it possible to detect narrowing of blood vessels that supply the brain arterial blood. It should be noted that an insufficient blood supply causes withering away hearth medulla and leads to the formation of cysts in the brain.

The case was diagnosed arachnoid cysts brain, there is a need in cardiology. Violation of the heart is also often affects the provision of blood to the brain.

In addition, it is necessary to carry out blood tests. In the event that increased concentration in the blood cholesterol or elevated blood clotting, can occur in the brain vascular occlusion, which entails the formation of cysts. Also in the diagnosis of this entity operate control of blood pressure.

Treatment of arachnoid cysts

In most cases, the cyst of the brain does not require treatment, because such education does not compress or displace the brain structures. In the surgical treatment need is usually ruptured cysts, which are accompanied by the formation of a subdural standartization, ie the accumulation of fluid on the brain hemisphere. These processes cause dislocation change or become a cause of seizures – epilepsy. Compression of the brain is accompanied by a feeling of weakness, impaired consciousness, a sense of numbness in the extremities, nausea, vomiting, headaches.

The indications for surgery are:

  • the development of focal symptoms;
  • the existence and growth of seizures;
  • the progression of hypertension-hydrocephalic syndrome;
  • Education complicated by hemorrhage.

Today, using these types of surgery:

  1. Endoscopic surgery.
  2. microneurosurgical operation.
  3. The shunt operation.

Endoscopic operations are relatively small traumatic, in this case, all manipulations were carried out under the supervision of, they can easily be recorded. A further advantage of this type of intervention is the absence of foreign bodies after surgery and related complications. If the indications for endoscopic procedures are not available, or spend microneurosurgical bypass surgery.

In most cases, such treatment is satisfactory, after patients are typically returned to his usual life. However, they need regular examinations that are required in order to eliminate the possibility of re-formation of cysts.

Arachnoid cysts of the brain can have quite a negative impact on health, though not always in need of special treatment. In any case, if a person put this diagnosis, he needs constant supervision of specialists. If there are specific indications for surgical intervention, do not neglect this method of treatment – he will revert to a normal life.

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