Anesthesia for surgery ECx (pilonidal sinuses)

September 29, 2015


In importance in one row with the surgery is anesthesia. If this is your first operation, then you must not know about the intricacies of this process. You need to take this seriously. Though in the last decade, and medicine has leaped forward, anesthesia remains a dangerous and quite risky process. Anesthesia during surgery of cysts of the coccyx is not different from anesthesia during other operations.

The Anesthesiologist will choose for you one of several methods:

  • Local anesthesia
  • Epidural anesthesia
  • General anesthesia

The Choice of method depends on the complexity of the operation, possible allergies to medicines, your health in General, and even the results of previous anesthesia (if any). You need to clearly follow all the directions and instructions of the anesthesiologist. He will tell you what and when to eat before and after the operation, advise on sleep mode and other details.

Briefly about the methods of anesthesia. The first method is the simplest, however, and safe. However, it is suitable only for simple operations. Fortunately the surgery, the ECX itself and is. The second method in most cases is the best choice when the cyst of the coccyx. Read more about the method here. The third method is the most proven and reliable. However, there is a high probability of side effects.

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