The corpus luteum on ultrasound. What does it mean?

November 11, 2015

The corpus luteum on ultrasound. What does it mean?

A woman’s body has a very interesting structure and function. In the body of reproductive age the fairer sex is subjected to monthly changes. Track this or that process to help the newest tools for the diagnosis, in particular ultrasound apparatus. This technique allows experts to learn more about the state of the reproductive organs. This article will tell you what to do if the ultrasound showed a yellow body. What kind of education – will be described below.

The medic saw the corpus luteum in the US – what does it mean? The answer to this question you will get after reading the article.

What is the corpus luteum?

In the US it is easier to detect the formation of the whole. That’s how often women find out about an unknown named bubble. Most of the fairer sex are frightened. However, this is not entirely correct. What is the corpus luteum? Before you know that the item is found, it is worth saying a few words about it.

Each month, a healthy woman comes menstruation. Immediately after the end of one of the ovaries is determined by the dominant follicle. It was he who in the coming days will rapidly increase in size. When the time comes and begins to produce luteinizing hormone, follicle rupture and release the egg from its walls. This gamete fully ready for fertilization, which can not take place.

At the site of rupture of the follicle forms a new cluster. It is education and is known as “yellow body.” In the US it is defined quite clearly. The corpus luteum is necessary for the production of progesterone. Also, in small quantities it secretes estradiol and androgens. All of these hormones are required for the normal progression of the pregnancy and the menstrual cycle is complete. In the case of the formation of fertilization will operate about three months. If conception has not taken place, the corpus luteum undergoes reverse development. In its place a so-called white body is seen during ultrasound diagnosis is almost impossible.

Found a yellow body in the ovary on ultrasound: Should I be concerned?

What is this education? Should I worry about the woman of his presence? Many of the fairer sex appeal directly to the gynecologist and require them to assign treatment. Compounding the situation is the case when the corpus luteum cyst detected on ultrasound.

Doctors say that the experience in such a case it is not necessary. Nothing wrong with the appearance of such an education there. The treatment does not require a neoplasm. Even if the ultrasound study found the corpus luteum cyst, it is functional. In most cases, it undergoes reverse development for several months. Try to understand what it means, if it is found the corpus luteum on ultrasound.

Fact one: the woman is of reproductive age

If an expert says that he sees the corpus luteum on ultrasound, it is possible to think of the patient’s fertility. Most women ask the question: “What does it mean?”. Actually it’s pretty simple.

fertility called the possibility of the woman or the man to conceive. Even if in this cycle ovulation does not occur, but in the ovary has a yellow body, remaining from the previous month, it testifies to the fertility of women. It is worth noting that the absolute of fertility can speak only after accounting for the remaining data (state of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and so forth).

Fact two: just before ovulation has occurred study

The corpus luteum on ultrasound after ovulation can be detected within a few hours. So, if the experts say about the presence of this education, it is likely a few days ago there was a rupture of the follicle.

Once a month a woman is ovulating. During this process, leaving the follicle gamete, which is capable of fertilization. If this happens during sexual intercourse without using contraception, the representative of the fairer sex may soon find out about her pregnancy. The corpus luteum is never formed in anovulatory cycles. That is why his presence in the ovary indicates a recent break of the dominant follicle.

Fact Three: pregnancy and corpus luteum

The corpus luteum during pregnancy, an ultrasound can be seen up to about 12 weeks. As you know, this education highlights a very important hormone – progesterone. It supports the normal state of the uterus and promotes the development of pregnancy.

If during the trial specialist finds a yellow body, then it is likely pregnancy. It is worth noting that most of the women in the family way found a cyst. This is the same glandular education, but somewhat larger. There is speculation that it becomes so because of the need to allocate larger portions of progesterone.

Fact four: a woman’s normal menstrual cycle

Sometimes it so happens that this time a woman becomes very short. Thus, in the normal cycle must not last longer than two weeks. When this time is shortened, the doctors are talking about progesterone deficiency. Often such a long time the fairer sex can not get pregnant and have some health problems. All due to the fact that ovulation is not generated after the desired amount of progesterone.

If the same at the fairer sex during ultrasound diagnosis found a yellow body, then most likely, neither of which progesterone deficiency can not be considered. Hormones such patients debugged, and the ovaries are functioning correctly.

Fact five: is the second phase of the menstrual cycle

What else can speak the presence of the corpus luteum in the ovary detected by ultrasound? This degree indicates that now is the second phase of the menstrual cycle, and will soon come menstruation.

The yellow body normally operates between 10 and 14 days. During this period it secretes progesterone and supports the uterine tone. With the end of this time, the formation of glandular undergoes reverse development. In its place formed a small scar.

What does the corpus luteum cyst, which was discovered during ultrasound?

Brush called education, which is slightly higher than the rate of normal proportions. Thus, an enlarged corpus luteum it is when the diameter is more than three centimeters.

corpus luteum cyst can remain in the ovary for a few cycles. If it does not disappear after two months, the patient may need a slight correction. In most cases, physicians have prescribed oral contraceptives for three or six months. This treatment helps to relax the ovaries. As a result, ovulation stops for those months, and the cyst dies. To confirm the picture of improvement necessary to repeat the ultrasound and visit a gynecologist.

Complications identified during diagnostic ultrasound. What does a hemorrhage in the corpus luteum cyst?

The corpus luteum cyst, or may in some cases take the form of hemorrhagic. This suggests that there was bleeding in the glandular cavity. Such a complication detected during ultrasound requires immediate treatment. Often, it is conducted in a hospital, and requires the following appointments.

The patient was prescribed bed rest and emotional peace. Also on the abdomen applied a cold compress. In addition, the fairer sex is recommended to take hemostatic drugs and sedatives. Following the correction is required to make a diagnosis and to note the presence of improvements.


So, you know what the corpus luteum detected by ultrasound. In some cases, doctors are wrong and accept the abnormal formation of glandular structure that occurs after ovulation. Average corpus luteum does not deliver the fairer sex is no discomfort. It appears after each ovulation and just disappears. If the specialist diagnosed the corpus luteum cyst, then it suggests that the study needed to be repeated after menstruation. I wish you health!

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