Therapies ECx (pilonidal sinuses)

September 28, 2015


In the Internet you can find many ways of treatment of cysts of the coccyx. You may be asked to take anti-inflammatory drugs, various wraps, depilatory creams and even try to take antibiotics. In one of the articles I said that the disease can occur with improvements. the Use of various drugs can affect the recovery, but once and for all does not relieve you from ECX. IMPORTANT – the only currently effective method of treatment of cysts of the coccyx assetstore. Only surgery will relieve you from the disease.


  • Inflammation of cysts of the coccyx can occur from the most different species of microorganisms. So pick the correct antibiotic – not an easy task, requiring expensive and time-consuming study of the source of inflammation in the laboratory. So you have to take a powerful broad-spectrum antibiotics. These antibiotics may temporarily help. But only temporarily, and it is fraught with side effects.
  • to Relieve the pain and inflammation of cysts of the coccyx can anti-inflammatory drugs. But their action will be even more temporary than that of antibiotics. Removing the symptoms of ECX is not to treat them.
  • Using depilatory creams allows you to remove hair from the area of the coccyx. This can have a positive impact on the treatment of cysts of the coccyx. At least so say some experts.

Folk remedies

  • If you will be offered a healing herb, miraculous potions, magical herbs and other folk methods of treatment – do not believe! In this case it will not help.

Operating methods

  • Some surgeons inflammation ECX do the operation in two stages: pre-open the abscess, and, after the swelling will come down, excised passages. Open the abscess pomestnoj anesthesia, making a small incision in the inflamed area. After the inflammation abates, the operation by excision. It can be made a few days after the first stage. The patient from the hospital not issued.
  • If the pilonidal cyst is not complicated, quite simple operation will eliminate this disease once and for all. This operation takes no more than an hour (usually less). Operation is done under local anesthesia. It is important to prepare for postoperative period, which may last several weeks (and even more).

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