The causes of breast cysts

October 1, 2015


The main cause of breast cysts medicine sees a change in the hormonal balance in women, for example:

1. Each third of women with mastopathy developed cysts. In the case where the formation of cyst fluid escapes through the duct, instead it remains extended, the deformed duct. If the cavity is filled with a viscous secret – the growth of cysts progresses.

2. It is believed that the risk include nulliparous women after 30 years.

3. Excessive production of estrogen when there is suppression of the production of other hormones, increases the risk of cysts. Some sources claim that the hormonal regulation disorder can be caused by hormonal contraceptive without a preliminary analysis of individual hormonal status in women. Other authors believe that hormonal contraceptives do not themselves have a significant influence on the formation of cysts. However, their use for more than 5 years increases the risk of cancer and other processes in the mammary gland.

4. It should also be serious about hormone replacement therapy, which is often prescribed for women in menopause, because the intake of these drugs affect the breast tissue. Often, after receiving the hormones in a woman is stimulated by the emergence of new tissue, cell growth, and how these tumors behave in the future in the breast tissue is not known. Therefore, in the case of hormone replacement therapy should be every six months to carry out radiological monitoring as an ultrasound such changes may not be visible.

5. Also, according to many doctors, the primary cause of the growth of cysts of the breast is psycho-emotional state of a woman who, as a rule, affects all, and the general condition of the body, and the stability of the hormonal levels and metabolism. That stress, cause hormonal imbalance – quarrels, troubles and job changes, resentment, dissatisfaction – and immediately mammary glands swell, swell. So often women in mastitis prescribed sedatives – valerian, motherwort, to stabilize the emotional state and not to disturb the production of hormones.

6. Metabolism, nutrition affects the development of breast cysts. Power determines what a woman’s metabolism and weight. Even a 2-pound weight gain can affect the breasts, because the adipose tissue contains estrogen. Excessive completeness and metabolic disorder leads to disruption of hormonal balance.

7. Aggravating factors for the development of a breast cyst, thyroid, ovarian dysfunction, inflammatory diseases of the uterus and of the uterine – endometritis and salpingitis (see. Inflammation of the appendages – Symptoms and Treatment). Abortion (consequences) is a powerful hormonal stress to the body, which leads to the imbalance of all systems and organs in a woman’s body.

8. Also not unimportant role in the development of breast cysts plays osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine.

9. Many scientists believe that there is a connection with the formation of cysts, dysfunction of the gallbladder and biliary tract.

Many people wonder – If there are cysts in other organs, even in the breast it is possible appearance? No association with cysts in the kidneys, liver, ovarian cyst of the breast does not exist.

Many women, hearing a diagnosis of breast cysts, imply that it intense oncological disease and that they will remain without breasts. Surgical intervention is indicated if the cyst is large, it gives serious concern and really no other way out.

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