Liver cysts: symptoms, types, treatment

November 4, 2015


The manifestation of liver cyst

The disease is characterized by a rounded tumors in the liver, filled with liquid substance. Cyst of the liver can be benign or malignant. They are also classified by the presence or absence of parasites.

The parasitic cyst

This infected echinococcus cyst of the liver. Causes of parasite larvae caused by the desire to preserve offspring in human organs. For the body, this new area is rounded and provides protective safety of its life. Kista is considered the most dangerous, because the development of the parasite leads to an increase in damaging the liver tumors. When you reach a certain size the liver can break, and the infection gets to the other internal organs. Therefore, parasitic infestation should be deleted. It is also possible parasite infestation tsisterka.

Not a parasitic cyst

It can be caused by a huge number of factors. For example, fetal abnormalities, inflammation of the boundary, formed as a result of internal bleeding, liver injury, or congenital abnormalities. The most dangerous form of the disease – a cancer of the liver cyst. It can be detected only by surgery into the cavity and subsequent examination of its composition.

Symptoms and detect cysts

If the size of tumors are small, it is possible that it is clinically silent liver cyst. Symptoms of large cavities, as opposed to small, will manifest significantly – tingling in his right side, or discomfort in the upper quadrant. Also available ache, heartburn and other complications of the digestive processes. In addition, a particularly large cyst may be released from under the ribs on the body. You can diagnose the disease by imaging or ultrasound.

Treatment of liver cysts

Medicine today prefers to spend conservative treatment of liver cysts, if its size is less than 3 cm. When it ranges from 10 cm and above, it is imperative surgery. It turns out it by removing fluid from the area, in rare cases it is necessary to remove the entire liver. It is also possible transfusion matter of cysts in the digestive organs. The main way to cure hydatid cysts is their excision.

When suspected malignant nature of the disease is required to apply to the oncology department to specialists.

Diagnosis and prevention of disease

When the diagnosis of this disease is important to abandon self and traditional medicine. Today, many tools, such as albendazole treatment, drainage and the introduction into the cavity skolitsidnyh solutions are the most advanced methods of struggle with a cyst of the liver. Please consult a medical specialist for a possible parasitism of the liver – a gastroenterologist. He will establish the necessary tests to pass and direct you further. Prescribed treatment will require you to a permanent doctor visits and checks. This dangerous disease, liver cyst, needs systematic review. Regularly record the change of its dimensions in a smaller or larger side, or through ultrasound imaging.

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