Vaginal Cysts. Remove Vaginal Cysts.

November 4, 2015


Vaginal Cysts – an anomaly occurs most commonly as a result of infections, sexually transmitted infections, as well as for other reasons. Very often, this education develops without any symptoms and is detected by chance during the passage of a planned inspection at the gynecologist. Today’s find out what the symptoms of this disease, its treatment and prevention methods.

What is?

A cyst – a benign, the causes of which may be different, but it often develops as a result of unseasonably initiated or conductive treatment of infectious disease. Cysts are often concentrated on the side of the vagina. They have a circular or oval shape, the touch tugoelastichny. Education can reach the size of a hen’s egg. The most common vaginal cysts detected during visual gynecological examination.

This pathology is diagnosed in about 2% of the fair sex who are of childbearing age. In a malignant tumor cyst does not go, but that does not mean that there is nothing to do with it is not necessary. This education needs to be treated, and what it is, describe below. Who do you know what are the factors of its formation.


The cyst vagina may appear:

  • When congenital malformations elements vagina.
  • When trauma, which can lead to the formation of haematomas in the vagina.
  • Once abortion.
  • As a result, generic gaps.
  • When infections are transmitted sexually (gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis).
  • As a result of neglecting personal hygiene.
  • When chronic infectious-inflammatory processes in the vagina.


The manifestations of this disease are expressed as follows:

  • The sensation of a foreign body in the vagina.
  • The discomfort, the presence of pain during intercourse.
  • The violation of defecation.
  • discomfort in the perineum while walking.
  • purulent or clear vaginal discharge.
  • Increased basal body temperature.
  • The presence of pain during menstruation.

These symptoms may not appear immediately. Cyst – a treacherous education, which may for a long time does not manifest itself.

Recognition of the disease

If you suspect a pathology gynecologist assigns the following types of studies:

  • US.
  • Colposcopy – examination of the vagina, its walls and the cervix using a special device – binoculars with a light element.
  • The bacteriological study.
  • The microscopic analysis.

To accurately diagnose the disease it is advisable to go through more consultation and a urologist.


Treatment of vaginal cysts may have two options:

  1. The surgical way of getting rid of the disease.
  2. Treatment with traditional medicine (efficacy has not been proven).

If the formation of small and yet the woman did not bother, doctors often do not raise the question of removal of the tumor. Suffice it to occur periodically and walk for a consultation with your doctor, so he supervised the education.

If the cyst has clinical signs or increases in size, only one effective therapy – surgery that can be performed in four ways.

Treatment of the disease involves the preparation of people’s means of special decoctions and infusions for the reception inside.

Types of surgery

  1. Suction. Remove the cysts of the vagina by this method gives a temporary effect, and all because that is produced by special epithelial cells continue to collect the contents. This type of therapy used doctor only to pregnant women and only if the formation of a large size and it covers the birth canal.
  2. Marsupializatsiya. This method of getting rid of the disease is the most gentle and safe. The cyst is cut, the contents emptied, and then the wall of Education filed to the vaginal mucosa, which prevents re-development.
  3. Complete removal. This method is used when there are innate or deeply located education. In this case, the wall is cut longitudinal section, a cyst removed and closed with stitches on the bed.
  4. If you eliminate benign through the vagina can not be without complications, the doctor can appoint a laparotomy. In this case, the incision of the abdominal wall and opened access to remove the cyst.

Preparing for surgery

If any intervention is necessary to pass a diagnostic event, which is the collection of tests and ultrasound female genitals. After confirming the diagnosis “cyst vestibule” gynecologist determine: whether to prepare the patient for surgery (if the formation of large and worried woman) or not. Cyst removal is preceded by general anesthesia, so the doctor before the event personally make sure that patients do not have contraindications to the use of anesthetic. Consultation anesthesiologist.

Recovery after surgery

The rehabilitation period passes quickly. The woman lies in a hospital or outpatient is behind it constantly monitors the doctor. After the operation after some time, the fair sex can get pregnant and give birth without problems. Menstruation a woman returns to normal within one month after surgery.

But what is traditional medicine?

Some women resort to homemade ways to get rid of benign: make decoctions of various herbs, celandine, burdock. However, doctors insist that their own conduct procedures is unacceptable, because instead of a positive effect can provoke significant complications in the form of an expanding tumor. Therefore, no popular ways of getting rid of this disease, as the cyst wall of the vagina, the article will not be considered. And the fair sex would like to give some advice: if you have found the problem, then contact the professionals who will be able to get rid of such an education, because only gynecologist surgeon is able to heal women in this situation, and the grass and baths are ineffective or no help.


In order to cyst vaginal never appeared, it is important to take preventive measures, which are expressed in these paragraphs:

  • It is necessary to monitor the hygiene of the genital organs.
  • It is impossible to prevent hypothermia.
  • It is important to be screened at the gynecologist at least 2 times a year.
  • It is necessary to promptly treat infectious and inflammatory diseases.
  • It is very important to engage in physical culture and sports.
  • To avoid the appearance of cysts of the vagina will also help the organization proper nutrition and daily routine.
  • Random sex unacceptable.
  • We need to stop smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption.

Now that you know that the cyst vagina – it’s not such a terrible illness as it may seem at first. If this is the formation of small size and does not bring any discomfort a woman, the gynecologist did not remove. However, if the cyst begins to grow and thus more characteristic symptoms appear, there is already required immediate assistance. But self-medicate better not to run not a disease and does not make yourself worse.

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