Laparoscopy recovery tips. Quick and easy ways to get healthy again.

March 15, 2021

The surgery done to remove ovarian cyst has been left behind. But whole treatment is not yet completed. Learn some laparoscopy recovery tips to get healthy faster and easier.

Remember, the recovery period takes approximately 3-4 weeks!

Recovery is long due to the rehabilitation of the internal organs. Even when the skin looks good and the sutures have been removed the ovaries and other affected organs still need more time to recover. Patients should give them enough time to start functioning properly. First of all it means having enough rest in bed. Neglecting this and other laparoscopy recovery tips negates the operation success. Sticking to the rules is also necessary to avoid relapses. One must strictly follow all recommendations of the doctor.

More detailed information about laparoscopy performance as a way of ovarian cyst treatment

Laparoscopy recovery tips for the very first day after the surgery

Laparoscopy recovery tips for ward period.

The first few hours after the ovarian cyst surgery the patient continues to doze. After 5-6 hours the patient can independently get out of bed, use toilet.In a few following hours patients do not eat. With the absence of nausea or vomiting they can drink. Clean still water is preferable. But they should rest this day as much as possible. There is no need to try to move or be active. This and several following days patients usually mark general weakness.

Very often there is a feeling of cold or chills. To ease the symptoms it’s enough to cover the patient with a warm blanket.

Abdominal pain after laparoscopy is an ordinary thing. Though it is moderate and not severe at all. Besides, it quickly disappears and can be lessen with painkillers. No need to panic, this condition is easily handled.

There can also be discomfort in the throat during the first day. It is caused by anaesthetic tube used during the surgery. The discomfort is not pronounced and does not require special attention. Though, in case it is getting unbearable, the patient can ask a doctor for medication.

Laparoscopy recovery tips for early period (3-5 days after the surgery)

The next day after laparoscopy often appears discomfort (or even pain) in the area of shoulders and neck. Which might be surprising. It appears due to the pressure on the diaphragm made by gas having got there during the surgery. This condition is easily relieved by casual analgesics. Patients shouldn’t be afraid to use painkillers. In fact, taking them is one of the common laparoscopy recovery tips. But be sure to consult the doctor first.

It’s important to note preparing for periods among laparoscopy recovery tips. Menstruation starts soon after the surgery and, as usual, the bleeding is heavy. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. Doctors usually notify it before warding the patient to let her take necessary hygienic products.

Great laparoscopy recovery tips are also about post-operative diet. Nutrition after the surgery should not be heavy or excessive. Drink boiled water and eat steamed food, they will keep you feeling good. Eliminate fat, junk, fried, smoked or spicy food. Sweets and pastry, including bread, are prohibited for a while. Some of the food commonly considered healthy is also a hazard at the post-operative period. Woman should steer clear of fresh fruits and sparkling water.

Nutrition laparoscopy recovery tips are to eat dairy products and avoid sugar and flour&

Then what are the good products? Post-laparoscopy diet should include dairy products, fruit and berry drinks, tea, water without gas and sugar. Non-sugar sweeteners are good for those who always crave sweet products.

Laparoscopy recovery tips after discharge

The rehabilitation period lasts for about a month. After discharge from the hospital the patient should keep following laparoscopy recovery tips and avoid any loads for some more time.

Weakness and fatigue are still there in the days following discharge. Therefore, it is desirable to ensure you will get help from your family. One more among best laparoscopy recovery tips is to choose calm and relaxing activity for this time, so that not to bother nearest and give the body time to fully recover.

Sexual activity is to be hold off for at least for 2-3 weeks after the surgery. Not only does it dangerous, but also painful.

Fitness classes, sports, dancing and other forms of any little dynamic activity is obviously not a good idea for post-laparoscopy period. Sports should be started no earlier than 3-4 weeks after the operation. And after the time sports should be started gradually with very small loads, bringing them to usual over weeks.

Avoid sudden movements and heavy lifting (more than 3-5 kg). Do not do long trips and flights.

Having enough rest is the best advice among laparoscopy recovery tips.

Continue to follow nutrition laparoscopy recovery tips to avoid digestion problems and discomfort. Healthy nutrition also boosts healing. Your doctor might prescribe vitamins and minerals, do not ignore the medicines.

First periods after laparoscopy can be different. Menstruation following the surgery are often painful and heavy.

Laparoscopy recovery tips for skin and stitches

Shower can and must be taken soon. But be careful with the incision. Avoid rubbing the area and the stitches. Gently press cotton fabric soaked in water, soap is not advised to apply. Using merely water and fingers is also a suitable way. In ten days the patient can carefully use washcloth. After removing the stitches it can be used without any special tips.

After the surgery women should not take a bath, swim in the pool or other bodies of water.

Try to wear loose clothing not exerting pressure on the area of the stitches.

When should immediately consult a doctor

Do not put up with pain and pronounced discomfort. They might be manifestation of complications and dangerous states. Pay attention to

  • Hight body temperature which keeps above 38 C/ 100 F for several days
  • Intense pain in abdomen
  • Frequent and long nausea and vomiting
  • Pain, redness around the stitches
  • Severe or unusual weakness

In any case, poor health and feeling bad are the reasons to consult your doctor. Extra appointment can be not really necessary, but it’s never wasting time, because in another case it can be the thing that saves the patient’s life.

And one more thing among laparoscopy recovery tips – don’t forget to take the results of histological examination and discuss it with your doctor! This may affect further treatment.

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