Ovarian cyst complications – 3 biggest threats in long-term prospect

February 20, 2021

Long-term ovarian cyst complications include the states that long remain latent. But they are still dangerous. Even more, an asymptomatic ailment ruins health for a long time, thus does more serious harm, since it is difficult to diagnose. When signs of the disease finally appear, it might be too late.

That is why long-term ovarian cyst complications such a relevant question. Malfunction of the ovary, infertility and malignancy (development of cancer) are the most common among them. Unfortunately, they are a real danger for a body.

A womb and ovarian cyst complications

Ovarian malfunction

With time healthy ovarian tissue begins to disappear. Especially with the tumor’s long presence. Instead, pathological material appear. The main reason for this violation is abnormal blood supply. Ovarian cyst sometimes reaches an impressive size. It causes compression of blood flow in ovarian vessels. Without enough blood supply essential elements can’t reach the tissues. Oxygen and nutrients insufficiency significantly reduces proper ovary function.

It also prevents normal ovarian tissue to grow and work as it should. It leads to various ovarian cyst complications. Speaking of long-term ovarian cyst complications and malfunction specifically it means  healthy tissue decreasing. But nature doesn’t like empty, thus on its place should appear something. Normal ovarian tissue is replaced with the so-called connective tissue. It doesn’t produce the same hormones or function the same way. Ovarian malfunction, one of the ovarian cyst complications, occurs.

Long-term complication

The development of the process depends on the size of the cyst and for how long it’s been in the ovary. The larger the cyst and the longer its present, the less likely the patient is to save the ovary. The process of healthy ovarian tissue substitution is not so easy to notice. Because the second ovary still works. And it often “tries for two”. Not only does it make timely diagnosis difficult, but it also causes more ovarian cyst complications which in the second organ.


Ovarian cyst complications are connected with each other. Infertility partly arises from the previous one. Although this mechanism is not the only one that leads to its appearance. While growing, the cyst may compress not only the ovaries but also organs located near it. Fallopian tubes are often affected. This leads to their mechanical obstruction, and may be the cause of ectopic pregnancy.

Another possible reason for infertility, when it comes to ovarian cyst complications, is hormonal changes. It may be caused by the malfunction described above. However more often the problems with conceiving appears due to an endometrial cyst and its complications.

Pregnancy test - infertility as one of the ovarian cyst complications&


Malignant transformation remains the most dangerous among ovarian cyst complications. About 70% cases of ovarian cancer develops from benign tumors. This process is usually long, stretched in years. Type and structure are of great importance here in malignant transformations. For example, papillary cistadenomy is 50% of malignant growth cases, while other cysts are no more 2-3%.

High risk of malignancy is a reason to choose surgical treatment. It is the only justified method to prevent all the risks and future ovarian cyst complications. Correct surgery for early detected tumor significantly improves the prognosis for successful recovery.

How to avoid long-term ovarian cyst complications

Ovarian cyst complications above have different meanings at different stages. Infertility and decrease of active ovarian tissue are more common in young women.

The most important rule to prevent all long-term ovarian cyst complications above is to get surgery timely. No hope for a miracle, don’t risk trying different methods and remedies as the treatment. An ovarian cyst might be a subject to surgical removal. Don’t delay medical appointment to consult a doctor.

Ovarian cyst – how to detect and stay safe

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