How to treat the thyroid gland cyst?

October 3, 2015


An effective treatment for benign thyroid cyst is drained by puncture followed by sclerosing agents. This non-invasive procedure that can be carried out repeatedly during the development of relapse.

When the condition that the cyst is not detected malignancy, held conservative therapy. Destinations include the use of: drugs to regulate thyroid hormone, as well as anti-inflammatory, metabolic and improve blood circulation to reduce the swelling and reduce the size of the cyst.

Antibiotic therapy is performed when joining infection and requires accurate identification of the type of pathogen and determine its sensitivity to antimicrobial drugs. Drug therapy is more effective in the early stages of the disease and can significantly reduce the frequency of surgical interventions. Only the doctor determines how to treat the thyroid gland cyst each individual patient.

When surgical treatment?

When the progressive growth of cysts or accession if symptoms of respiratory disorders and difficulty in swallowing the method of choice is the surgical treatment of thyroid cysts.

If the increased risk of cyst transition into a malignant tumor or the presence of confirmed laboratory data operation is performed immediately, regardless of the stage of disease and the size of the cyst. In this case, conservative treatment is not carried out, as is more likely the deterioration of the patient and the development of severe cancer.

Delete any cyst?

Even though most of the thyroid gland cysts are benign, but their “behavior” is unpredictable:

  • In some cases, for years they do not give negative dynamics
  • In the other – soaring
  • In the third – are themselves
  • usually a reason for going to the doctor – to the size of the cyst growth (over 3 cm), visible to the eye, and causes deformation of the neck, hoarseness or loss, a lump in the throat, respiratory distress and functions of swallowing, pain in the neck.

If the cyst with a diameter less than 1 cm -this just watch it, its increase is carried out with a puncture cytology. If the cyst emptying it again accumulates the content, the question of its removal. No warm-compresses or lotions on the hands to put in any case it is impossible, as this may provoke inflammation.

Surgical treatment of malignant course usually includes bilateral thyroid resection (removal of the majority of its share of both). After this operation, it is sure to closely monitor the level of thyroid hormones and, if necessary, appointed its correction by means of medical hormones (thyroid hormone).

A frequent complication of this operation is a violation of the vocal cords with a partial loss of voice. If a patient diagnosed with a cyst of the left lobe of the thyroid gland, the operation is performed only on the affected side (the same is the case with the defeat of the right lobe). Removal of the thyroid gland cyst is done through a small incision in the neck in the area of ​​the thyroid gland.

Remote education is subjected to histological examination to confirm the benign process. This allows you to carefully plan further treatment.

The postoperative course easily. Returning to normal life occurs within 1-2 days without the need for limitation of physical activity.

The special features of the treatment of pregnant women is the exclusion of radiological methods. A biopsy and surgical treatment during pregnancy is not contraindicated. When planning treatment must take into account the relative risks and benefits. When there are clear indications operation is recommended in the second trimester of pregnancy. In the absence of expressed symptoms of compression of adjacent organs or thyroid dysfunction treatment is carried out in the postpartum period.

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